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Summer Booking with Concert Committee


From Gabe Sunshine ’17:

Summer booking is officially open! If you have prior experience booking at Wesleyan, you may begin to contact artists/agents to schedule a concert to be held anytime from the start of the semester up until fall break. Send emails to gdsunshine[at]wesleyan[dot]edujrosenbloom[at]wesleyan[dot]edu, and jgitlin[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. Please include information about the act(s), potential venues and dates, and anything else you think might be relevant.

Concert Committee Info Session

An invitation from Chelsie Green ’14:

Did you know that a fairly large sum is given to Concert Committee every year for any student to book a concert? Are you interested in booking a concert but don’t know how to? Come see us this Friday at 5pm in PAC 001!

Date: Friday, January 24 (tomorrow!)
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Place: PAC rm. 001

Concert Committee Winter Booking Information


From Chelsie Green ’14:

If you’ve booked a concert at least once before, feel free to start contacting acts and agents over the break to start filling up next semester’s calendar. Look from the last weekend in January to the first weekend in May for weekend dates that the act is available. Some dates in this period are already filled, so try to propose with a couple of dates you have in mind, if possible. Please mind Spring Break, which blocks out 3/7-3/24. Only a percentage of our budget will be available and we’re functioning on a “first come, first serve” basis, just as we do during the semester. Please email ctgreen[at]wesaswilliams[at]wesehill[at]wesjrosenbloom[at]wes, and gdsunshine[at]wes with your proposal. It should include information about the act(s), potential venues and dates, and anything else you can throw at us.

For Wannabe Bookers: Feel free to ask me any questions via email about booking, and look for a booking information session within the first few weeks of the semester! Concert Committee will meet again on 1/26 at 1pm, in Usdan 104D, so you will be able to propose then.

Fall Concert Bookings


Don’t sit around and mope if you haven’t liked the concerts that have come to Wesleyan this past year; start booking better ones! Chelsie Green ’14 drops by with a way for you to get involved:

If you’ve booked a show before, you can take advantage of the opportunity to book a show now for the first part of the fall semester. Feel free to check any dates between September 5 and October 17 — preferably a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Please email ctgreen@wes, chickox@wes, and ehill@wes with your proposal. Include info about the act(s), potential dates, and what venue you are thinking of using. We’ll be working on a “first come, first serve” basis like we do during the school year, and with only a percentage of our budget.

Remember: if you don’t participate, you don’t get to complain!

Concert Committee Forum

The inestimable Chelsie Green ’14 invites you to an open forum at which many topics will be addressed, none of which will be booking Spring Fling:

Concert Committee is holding a forum this Thursday for anyone looking to voice concerns, suggestions, or comments relating to CC’s operation this year. If you can’t make it, feel free to email me at chelsietgreen(at)gmail(dot)com with anything you’d like to let us know.

Date: Today, May 2
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 112
Cost: None

Soft Leaves of Pamplemousse: A Winter Concert Preview

Two of these shows are happening tonight, so hurry up and run to both at the same time.

The first few days of the semester have already paid witness to one of the most notable musical double headers in recent institutional memory, and tonight showcases another: Brooklyn’s Widowspeak takes Eclectic while rap legends Dead Prez take the stage two doors down at Psi U. This time you probably can’t attend both  (though I encourage you to try), but weep not: the coming weeks feature one of the more diverse, thrilling, and confusingly erratic musical options in a while, ranging from waffle-obsessed rap zombies to a critically embraced laptop cult genius to Ian “Actually Ian MacKaye” MacKaye. (Lecturing, not screaming.) And that’s only the tip of the Usdan iceberg lettuce station.

As always, scope out Aural Wes for a continually updated resource for all things aural and beyond at Wellesleyan College. AW’s own concert calendar can be found here. The below list is by no means exhaustive; think of it as a small smattering of the shows on campus over the next handful of weeks. I’ll continue to add to it as additional shows are confirmed and/or bitched about in the comments section.

Oneohtrix Point Bada$$: An October Concert Preview

What do How To Dress Well, The Soft Moon, DIIV, Atlas Sound, and Joey Bada$$ have in common?

One month into school, we’re well into the swing of things: academics, buffoonery, weather, slacktivism, impromptu Peter Yarrow singalongs. Impossibly sleek after its über-hip Prince Rama-guested launch party, Aural Wes is also back in action after a month of hibernating, freshly redesigned with some friendly pine trees in the background to boot. There’s also the upcoming shows calendar page—kind of like the Film Board calendar, except it doesn’t pop up in the background of all of your dorm room pregame photo shoots. Can you dig it?

Thus far, Wesleying has been diligently covering the fall’s musical offerings on a post-morten basis, from Laura Stevenson and Top 40 Cover Band and Plume Giant to our own mini-Insanity Weekend of sorts (Danny Brown, Prince Rama, R. Stevie Moore) to Thursday’s evening with Ben Seretan ’10 and Oneohtrix Point Never. We haven’t, though, given much attention to what lies ahead. And there’s a lot of it. So in the spirit of previous Wesleying concert previews and the newly revamped Aural Wes, here’s a (by no means exhaustive or comprehensive) glimpse at the lineup between now and mid-November. (No, not just October. I lied.) Scroll on for the lineup.

Here’s How to Buy Tickets For Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde “Making Out Onstage for an Hour”

No, you can’t exchange Adderall for tickets.

Yes, loudmouth weirdo Detroit rapper Danny Brown and 19-year-old Florida Tumblr-Wave sensation Kitty Pryde are coming to Eclectic on Thursday night. Yes, you can buy tickets with $5 (small bills, for the love of Ghostface) starting in Usdan tomorrow. Yes, Mr. Brown and Ms. Pryde are apparently dating not dating after all (they met over Twitter, and this will be their first show together). Yes, Tumblr-Wave is apparently a thing now. And yes, Kitty Pryde did actually post this in the Facebook event:

Danny Brown is probably the first chip-toothed rapper to compose romantic metaphors involving bulls, matadors, and “a pregnant Labrador,” while Kitty Pryde is definitely still in high school in Daytona Beach. If nothing else, this will be probably the weirdest hip hop event since Mr. Mothafuckin’ eXquire materialized in Eclectic last Spring. You can get tickets in Usdan beginning tomorrow (they’ll probably go fast). 

Concert Committee Information Session

Also: committee seeks frosh to fill fifth seat. Scroll for details.

Want to book a show? Want to join Concert Committee? Want to join Lightning Bolt? PAC 001 is the place for fun, according to Chelsie Green ’14:

Concert Committee is looking for a freshman to fill the last seat. We might be looking for you. If you are interested in allocating funds for the concerts that happen on campus (aside from Spring Fling), please come to our info session this Wednesday at 6 pm in PAC 001. To apply, please answer these questions and send your answers to ctgreen@wes by Wednesday, 9/12 at 6 pm. Interviews will be held on Friday, 9/14.

  • What is the role of Concert Committee?
  • Why do you want to be on Concert Committee?
  • Do you have any experience in planning events?
  • What are your other commitments (clubs, publications, sports, etc.)?
  • Can you check your email daily (sometimes several times a day)?

This info session is also for all students (any year!) who are interested in booking concerts.