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Better Late Than Never: Concert Committee Welcomes Summer Booking

Remember all those shows we had on campus last September? Remember that excellent Wye Oak show? Remember when Dodos came? Remember Jeff the Brotherhood and Generationals and Amanda Palmer ’98?

Okay, forget about Amanda Palmer. That was kind of a fluke. The rest of those shows were the result of last summer, when Concert Committee began letting students propose and book shows over the summer to fill up the calendar for the early fall. If you’re interested in getting in on the action for Fall 2012, here’s Chelsie Green ’14 reporting live from Chelsea:

Due to a successful first summer, we’re allowing anyone with some prior experience in booking (though there may be some exceptions to that) to book a show over the summer for the beginning of the school year. Ideally, that would be the first weekend back in September, extending through the month of October. Unfortunately, we’re getting a really late start because of things out of our control and now are very much in need of proposals for September, especially. Only a percentage of our budget will be available and we’re functioning on a “first come, first serve” basis, just as we do during the school year.

Oh Shit: Cloud Nothings, Future Islands Tix Up For Grabs

Summary: Reserve tickets online. Pick ’em up for $5 in Usdan. Apply to Concert Committee.

Hot diggity damn: Baltimore-based synthpop trio Future Islands, Steve Albini-approved indie-turned-noise rock project Cloud Nothings (whose Attack on Memory is seriously an attack on every other album I’ve heard this year), and total-mystery-to-me openers Ed Schrader’s Music Beat are coming to Eclectic next Thursday night for what is being billed as “the last big-ass concert at Eclectic.” I believe it. Tickets are available for $5 and, as usual this concert season, reservable via Aural Wes’ Ticketleap site. (That’s not the whole purchase. You have to pick them up in Usdan, which requires $5 cash.)

For more information on the acts themselves, you can hustle on over to Aural Wes, which succinctly states that “if you’re trying your best to get sweaty before finals, this is definitely the show to do it at.” Meanwhile, Sky Stallbaumer ’12 writes in about ticket pickup details. HE EXPLAINS THINGS IN ALL CAPS TO DENOTE THAT HE IS NOT FOOLING AROUND:

Future Islands and Cloud Nothings tickets that were already reserved online can be picked up THIS WEDNESDAY starting at noon in Usdan. From here on out, all the important stuff is in caps.


No Age / EULA Tickets Available For Reserve Online

Beloved LA-based noiseniks, spastic Brooklyn newcomers to host Scalia after-party. Tix for $5, reservable now. Can you dig it?

Wesleyan rocktimists, pay heed: No Age, the massively acclaimed Sub Pop-based noise-punk duo behind 2007’s Nouns and 2010’s Everything in Between, is set to perform in Eclectic Haus this Thursday for a night of sweat, passion, and tinnitus—and probably the most cacophonous rock show this side of Lightning Bolt or Titus.

EULA, an utterly frantic up-and-coming three-piece from New Haven, will open. The band has recently opened for the likes of Mission of Burma, and it tastes more or less “like post-punk-pre-historic-medium-gauge-no-wave, with a splash of lemon.” (The real opener, though, is Antonin Scalia, whose much-discussed lecture in Memorial Chapel is expected to end at least forty minutes before this show begins. Yes, you can attend both, and what a night that would be.)

Tickets are available to reserve online now. Pickup will be in Usdan this coming week at times TBA. (They’re $5 cash upon pickup—not free.)

Y’all Get Back Now: The 2012 Wellesleying Concert Preview

“Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute—wait a, wait a, wait a minute. Wait—wait a minute.”

“If you book it, they will come.” Tommy Lee Costner delivered that iconic line in 1989’s Field of Wolves, and it has never rung more true: Wesleyan’s upcoming bootypoppin’ concert lineup has got the back to make the beat go boom.

Seriously, though: while you were catching some sun in Bermuda over break (or Bergen County, as the case may be), a small army of chimpanzees committed Wesleyan concert-bookers was working day and night to put together a spring concert calendar fit to set a New Orleans-based sissy-bounce queen on fire. (And fresh off a semester whose warmest pleasures included Wye Oak and Dodos, Wild Flag and Balam Acab, Julianna Barwick and The Generationals, it probably says something that this schedule is arguably better.) If you missed Ty Segall or AraabMuzik, rest assured: that was the prologue. The insanity continues tonight, with Dustin Wong’s loop-driven guitar hypnosis at Eclectic Hauuuuus.

In conjunction with Aural Wes’s own concert preview, here’s a glance at everything you’re gonna miss while you’re abroad. It’s certainly not comprehensive—this only really covers the next month or so, and particularly excludes usual-suspect Wesleyan performers—but is pure, uncut bouncalicious. Cuz, like, uptown is trying to shake, nahmean? 


The best concert this year is happening tonight…..

Doors @ 8:30 PM

Grandfather @ 9 PM.

@ Eclectic.

Tix @ the door. $5. But come early! There aren’t many left…

  • Date: TODAY, Thursday, October 13
  • Time: Doors at 8:30 PM; Grandfather at 9:00 PM
  • Place: Eclectic
  • Cost: $5; tickets at the door

The Totally Inadequate Wesleying Guide to Fall Concerts

The Infuriating Guide to Everything Good You’re Missing While Abroad (This Month, At Least)

It’s not even the second week of school, but with the smattering of impressive concert options littering the sidebar of the newly revamped Aural Wes, it may as well be the fifth. More succinctly: look at all these sweet bands (ok, fine, duos) coming to campus! And none of them even have “bear” in their name. What a trip.

Here’s a by-no-means-comprehensive guide to what’s up and when, from tonight’s Wye Oak gig through to the end of September. If you haven’t already scoped out Aural Wes 2.0 (and I’m not talking about a sparsely updated Blogspot account), slide on over, and if you’re a freshperson, welcome for the billionth time to Wes. There’s a lot of music here, and despite every instinct in your body, there is nothing even faintly wrong with showing up to one of these shows alone to investigate.  Read on for the lineup. [EDIT: LAST.FM LINKS! EVERYWHERE! REJOICE!]

Concert Committee On Booking Bands Over the Summer

Musically, September of last year was a bit slow. With various obstacles impeding summer booking processes, the first major musical act, Bear In Heaven, didn’t arrive until about a month into the year.

For the Fall 2011 semester, Concert Committee wants to hit the ground running. With some “careful legislative maneuvering”, the committee has constructed the following processes for concert proposals and bookings over the summer. Sky Stallbaumer ’12 writes:

-We are only working with 12.5% of our full budget right now, which is in the ballpark of 10k. This means that any request over $1000-$1500 is a significant chunk of what is available.

-We will only be considering shows that are being planned for the first 2-4 weeks of school. Please don’t email us now about shows that you want to put together later in the semester, because that can wait until we get back. Obviously there are some rare exceptions to this, like if you’re trying to put something high-budget together, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it.

Concert Committee Forum

If last week’s epic Matisyahu/Chiddy Bang meltdown demonstrated anything, it’s that students on all sides of the debate have been disillusioned with the inner-workings of concert-booking at Wesleyan. This forum offers a constructive venue for discussion and change:

  • Booked a show at Wes?
  • Want to book a show here?
  • Have ideas for how the concert committee process could be better?
  • Want to discuss by-law amendments?
  • Just want to complain?

Grab your lunch and come to this meeting on Thursday 4/14 at noon in Fayerweather 106. We will draft amendments to the concert committee’s by-laws (posted on the home page of this Facebook group) to propose to the WSA on Friday and Sunday. The goal is to have a clear and fair process that better corresponds with the realities of Wesleyan’s concert-bookers and music fans.

A Concert-Bookers’ Perspective on Matisyahu / Chiddy Bang

Wesleying’s announcement yesterday regarding the 4/12 Matisyahu/Chiddy Bang show inspired heated reactions in the comments section. Given the debate spilling across campus, on and off-line, this should surprise no one. “People will enjoy the concert no doubt,” writes one anonymous commenter. “However, it’d be great if people knew the story behind the controversy.”

Most of you—including those who lined up at 10 in the morning for tickets—realize that the show has been embroiled in campus-wide controversy and objection. But many are confused why, and details are hazy.

Zain Alam ’13 writes to Wesleying:

Over the last few weeks many of you may have heard of the Matisyahu and Chiddy Bang concert planned next week. As students involved in helping set up and book shows here at Wesleyan, we’d like to bring to your attention some facts we find most troubling about this show. This Wespeak was to be published two weeks ago but was revoked after a promise by the show’s booker that the event was definitely going to be canceled. That promise was broken and it is regretful that we were unable to make campus aware of this earlier. Our intentions now are to ensure that something of this scale does not happen again.

More from Alam after the jump.

Last Chance to Become Concert Committee Chair

Interested in being the chair of the Concert Committee next year? Applications are due by 10 PM today.

The Concert Committee is a committee created by the WSA charged with the responsibility of funding concerts at Wesleyan.

For further information about the responsibilities of the Concert Committee and its Chair, take a look at Section 1.13 of  the WSA’s by-laws.

If you are interested in the position, email wsa@wesleyan.edu by 10 PM today. Include a statement of no more than 500 words detailing your qualifications for and interest in the position.

All candidates will be interviewed by the WSA Appointments Committee on Saturday in the WSA Office
between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.