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Andrew Breitbart on Wesleyan, Vassar, “Totalitarian Freaks”

You have to hand it to Andrew Breitbart: at least he’s consistent. The conservative publisher and occasional Drudge Report editor, who in 2009 referred to Ted Kennedy as “a special pile of human excrement,” seriously has it in for ye olde Wes.

In February 2010 we reported on Breitbart’s keynote address to the First National Tea Party Convention, where the commentator offered this piece of warning:

“Bad, racist, homophobic—all those buzzwords that they learned in their freshman orientation class at Wesleyan—are used as weapons to try to destroy you and intimidate you to not speak up.”

No one quite knows the root of Breitbart’s grudge, but apparently that wasn’t the last of it. At CPAC this weekend, Breitbart namedropped Wes again, aligning us with the “totalitarian freaks” in Obama’s White House. The shout-out comes about eight minutes into the video above, but here’s the text.

Mytheos: The Controversy Lives

I thought that when us 2010ers graduated, all the “do we publish this crazy thing about Mytheos or not, because if we don’t we’re ignoring a topic of genuine interest, but if we do we’re just feeding his egocentric love for campus drama” fuss here at Wesleying would go away. The realization that he really had been doing it in the name of controversy for controversy’s sake only solidified my relief that we wouldn’t have to deal with this again.

“Good job, Mytheos,” I thought. “You pulled off your insane media coup, dismissed liberal students’ lack of serious engagement with your columns as proof of political aloofness when really your arguments were so nonsensical that nobody knew where to begin, and inadvertently perhaps pulled off a weird kind of postmodern performance art.”

So I felt mildly amused when I saw that someone posted a link in the Shoutbox under the pseudonym “FUCK YOU MYTHEOS.” It leads to an article called “Elegy for Academia,” penned by the man himself and published as a guest article with Accuracy for Academia, a conservative nonprofit that “wants schools to return to their traditional mission–the quest for truth.” I don’t know what I expected. Maybe Mytheos got a full-time job in journalism and someone was jealous. Whatever, ha ha.

Then I actually read beyond the first few paragraphs, and it turns out that this article is annoying enough to drag me back from the proverbial grave.

Conservative Magazine “Wesleyan Witness”, On Stands Today

witnesscover2The Wesleyan Witness, a political magazine spearheaded by everybody’s favorite campus ideologue Mytheos Holt ’10, is out with its latest issue today (Tuesday the 28th).

Here’s his preview of what to expect:

You may recall the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? This issue will test precisely how many of you actually paid attention to that injunction, as despite the flattering picture of President Obama on the cover, we very much make it our mission in this issue to tear this false Messiah off his cross of clout. And this time, there will be no resurrection.

If you ever wanted to know why Obama’s cult of hero-worship spells death for dissent, or why Obama’s administration is a fatal misstep on the part of liberals everywhere, or even how the Witness responded to our first-ever Letter to the Editor (which you can submit right now at wesleyan.witness@yahoo), you will want to pick this up. We look forward to the debate.

It’s nice to hear other opinions! And Mytheos has a sense of humor, so this could be interesting.