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Encounters with Wild Animals: The Invasion


Earlier this week, I had another one of those encounters with wild animals, and, this time, I really thought that I was going to die. I’m not going to talk about this experience today, however. Instead, I’m going to talk about a much more serious matter, worthy of addressing with you all today.

You see, we’ve been invaded. Yes, you heard that right. Wild animals are taking over every facet of our lives at Wesleyan. Well, to be precise, squirrels are taking over our lives. I did not realize that this was the case, however, up until this past week, when I felt an overwhelming amount of anxiety after hearing some stories of encounters with wild animals that go beyond the typical “I got attacked by a squirrel/bear/mosquito” story.

Wesleyan Started Giving Us Free Cable… Last July

Last weekend, as I was talking to a Harvard student, she mentioned to me this sweet new online cable network Harvard has, called Tivli.

Wait, before I go any farther, click here to watch the Oscars.  In high definition.  Legally. For free. Through Wesleyan.

Well, yeah, that’s pretty much it.  Wesleyan is one of five schools in the country that has this system, which is a free partnership between the Tivli founders and the University.  It’s unclear how the relationship was founded, except perhaps something to do with our inexplicable relationship with Roku.

The New York Times covered the story in January, with no mention of Wesleyan, which is pretty much the trend: no news anywhere about the program here.

While, at this point, the package only includes the basic cable-type channels (including network TV and PBS,) it seems that it may soon expand and could include HBO Go, as well.

I guess my main questions are: How did we get this?  Why didn’t anyone tell us?  WHY IS THIS NOT A BIGGER DEAL?!

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