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More news about the Uz

You know the ambiguously-named “retail space” set aside in the Usdan blueprints? It’s true that it’ll be mostly merch transferred from Broad Street for eager relatives and prefrosh. However, the Wesleyan Computer Store will also be represented!

I know, I know, we have a computer store? (Yes, it’s buried deep in the bowels of the science tower like some highly evolved tapeworm). And like a tapeworm, it’s segmenting off and splitting in two, with the retail part moseying on over to a location in Usdan so that it can sell all you brainiacs iPods, flash drives, switches, cables, and mice (the non-living kind) – Oh my! The service center portion will remain in the science tower roughly where it is now for repairs and the like, but now you can pick up a new set of iPod headphones while enjoying the brilliantly expensive, pointlessly flashy, brand new, stealth bomber-shaped campus center! Your tuition dollars hard at work to attract the elite!

Do I have a vendetta against the computer store? No! Am I bitter about building a $47.4 million campus center?! MAYBE! And that figure was before they tacked on another $3 million for building costs, by the way. I wonder how much of that went towards the “smart membrane vapor barrier“.

In other news, apparently two of the food options that will be available are named Pizza Oven and Mongolian Grille. I guess that’s…interesting.