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Wear your seniority on your sleeve

Anand Satchidanandan ’08 writes:

Every year, the Wesleyan Fund makes the senior class a T-shirt in recognition of their senior gift. This year’s “Senior Tee” needs a funky, smart, absolutely senior-esque design that showcases Wes ‘09ers.

Winners of the contest will receive a free Senior Pass courtesy of the Wesleyan Fund! Designs:

  • Must encourage financially supporting Wesleyan
  • Must contain the words “Wesleyan Fund”
  • Can use up to 3 colors on a white background
  • Can use both the front and back of the T-shirt
  • Cannot contain profanity, offensive language, or slurs

Designs are due by October 1 at 4:00 PM. Winners will be selected and informed by mail, and will receive recognition at senior class events in the spring. Please mail/email your name, class year, contact details, and designs to:

Anand Satchidanandan
Wesleyan Fund
164 Mount Vernon St.

Enter the Connecticut Student Poet Contest

Hey, Wesleyan poets! The Connecticut Student Poet Contest wants five pages of your verse, in any form. Lucia Pier ‘GRAD writes:

On a separate page, please include your name and email address. You must be here in the spring to read your work, in case you are selected.

Bring your work to Downey House 207 by Thursday, Oct. 2. Contact Lucia, the Russell House Fellow, at russellhouse@wes if you have questions.

NYTimes Essay Contest Entries

Last summer the New York Times held a “What’s the Matter With College” essay contest in response to an essay by historian Rick Perlstein about the decline of campus activism in the past decades. I don’t know how we missed this, but three Wes students’ essays were posted on the website:

Vanessa Kurzweil ’07: Commonplace? Or a Common Space?

Toni Latimer ’09
: Decline of the Teenage Wasteland

Katie Boyce-Jacino ’10
: We the Students

Congrats on being conscious of the challenges facing today’s apathetic youth! Clearly these three are not among them.

[EDIT] The Argus wrote about this in October, they win.

It’s not April Fools day. JKz APRIL FOOLS!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, which means we are kicking off…

Here’s the deal. Send us pictures/videos and descriptions of your on-campus April Fools’ day pranks, and we’ll put the best ones up on here, thus prolonging the shame of your victim and securing your place among the best of the best. Bonus points if it involves none of the Wesleying staff (don’t hurt me).

So go for it. Make your hungover roommate wake up in the graveyard. Change your friend’s Chapstik up with blood-red lipstick. Mess with some official doctor stationary and make your friend think ze’s pregnant. The possibilities are endless, and so are the possible consequences for your actions (“Yes, officer, I technically murdered him, but it was really just an April Fools’ prank on his entire family.”)

That’s the gist of it. Send your submissions to…

Submit by 11:59pm, April 1st (midnight tonight) for a chance at glory.

break it down, wes style

Bored at home this break? Looking for something to do?

Why not create a cover or remix of a booty-bass rap song? Yeah? Yeah? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve just been granted permission to run the first ever Yo Majesty remix/cover competition from my music blog. If you’d be interested, check out the details. If you’re not interested, perhaps quoting a few lyrics would make you interested…*ahem*,

“Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit. Say fuck that shit.”

This is perfect for any weskids that don’t like to write love songs, but would like to get their tunes out there. What else do you have to do this break but write an arrangement of this song for your band or a cappella group?…Yeah, that’s what I thought. Nothing.*** As a thank you for anyone who takes up the challenge, I will post all Wes-related results here on wesleying. And I’ll use my excess of points to buy you some food. Deal?

*** By nothing, I mean saving orphans from trees, or whatever real Wesleyan students are supposed to do on winter break. Speaking of being a real Wesleyan student, I have to get back to working on my thesis or else I will never graduate. Never.