House Hopping Day: WRITING HOUSE is hungry for you

Alicia Fuhrman ’12 threatens my life should I not post this. But more importantly, COOKIES. But more more importantly, a pre-diet Cookie Monster. “Sometime food” my ass.

This SUNDAY, at 12:30 PM, Writing House invites you to a luncheon involving…
alphabet soup!
scrabble, bananagrams, and mad libs!
(those=attempts at writing-themed food and miscellany)

It’ll be a chance to see the physical house, demand answers to any specific questions you might have, muse and mingle with potential future housemates (as well as the current ones), throw some ideas out on what you want the house to do (and, possibly, see them come to reality before the semester is up), and/or at the very least, get a free hot lunch. The house is right across the street from Russell House, at 202 Washington St.

Date:   Feb. 20
Time:   12:30 PM onwards ’til a socially responsibly late hour
Place:  202 Washington St.