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From Seed to Cup: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Coffee

Happy Friday! Here’s today’s one-liner haiku, dedicated to the Cache Job Engineerz / Jacob Eichengreenz ’13 of Espwesso:

Perhaps you noticed / frost in air (borne from the dirt?) / and wanted coffee.

Have you ever wondered how much work goes into your favorite cup of coffee? Or how your favorite Espwesso baristas manage to make those designs on top of your latte? Before it even reaches your favorite cafe (Espwesso, of course), between 3 and 5 people have already touched each individual bean…that’s a lot of touching! Come join Espwesso founder Alex Bernson ’11 as he discusses the extensive work involved in making coffee – including agriculture, trade, roasting, and yes, even latte art!

This lecture is a fundamental component of every Espwesso barista’s mandatory training regimen. Come join Espwesso’s newest hire, Samantha Sikder ’14!!!!11!!1!!!!!!1!!!!|!\1\|!|!, as we explore every aspect of coffee production.

A brief coffee tasting will also be included! [Ed. note: Have you ever heard of FREE COFFEE? It’s a fast-growing grassroots movement where people let other people DRINK COFFEE FOR FREE. This brief coffee tasting is actually sponsored by the FREE COFFEE movement. Participate today!]

In case you didn’t naturally absorb when and where this was happening by diffusion (>mfw), here’s the time and place stuff in a convention-challenging format:

Friday (known in some coffee-drinking cultures as TODAY) , Oct. 28th 1-3 PM
Albritton Center Rm. 311

(Upstairs lounge, Button 3R on the Albritton Elevator)

new Amanda Palmer projects

For any of you who aren’t so into MGMT and Das Racist being the only Wes alums to make Wesleying music news (as we all know Wesleying is the true barometer of musical success), here’s a little change for ya.

Amanda Palmer ’98 has a new project, Evelyn Evelyn.  Palmer is probably best known from her Dresden Dolls years, but her stuff is generally pretty cool.  She’s very into vaudeville in her performance style, so if you’re looking for a little something different check her out. I’m going to go ahead and link in the Brooklyn Vegan story, which has tour dates and all that jazz.


Wemmy Awards survey

From Jiovani Robles ’13 and Jessica Jordan ’13 comes a submission that I must be way too unhip to understand:

It has been an agonizing 20 weeks trying to hunt down Carter Bays & Craig Thomas just to get an interview for the Argus. Only now do we realize we’ve been continuing the hunt without bait?

We would like to introduce the first official Wesleyan Emmy Award, or Wemmy. It is up to you to take a quick 10 sec. survey and see which wesleyan alumni truly deserves the Wemmy of the year. Hopefully your decision will get us the interview we’ve been looking for!!

Date: Jan. 29 – Feb. 10
Time: 12:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Place: your computer

Someone enlighten me?

A Rare Amanda Palmer-Related Musical Find

What did you do over break? Will Feinstein ’13 managed to track down a rare live recording of Amanda Palmer ’98 of Dresden Dolls fame performing “Wesleyan Fight Song” (no, not the actual fight song) during a 2004 performance at Wesleyan. The unreleased track is either a brilliant tribute to Palmer’s Wes career or a scathing indictment of the school. Maybe it’s both. Some choice sample couplets:

  • “Got sexually harassed by DKE / Recovered and composed a Wespeak”
  • “College Row is burning down / It’s Armageddon Middletown!”
  • “Sent Doug Bennet flowers, raped a sex offender / Pierced my nose and changed my gender”

Feinstein managed to obtain the recording only by contacting its top (and, perhaps, only) listener on Last.fm. He only realized he was sitting on a rare treasure, however, on last week’s Wesleyan Birthright trip, when he showed it to Scott Greene ’13, who had previously searched for the track to no avail. (According to a 2004 Argus article, this was part of a 2/13/04 Dresden Dolls show at Eclectic, during which Palmer prefaced “Wesleyan Fight Song” and “Valentine’s” as songs she wrote at Wes, “never heard before and hopefully never heard again.”) Here’s the song:

Some discussion questions: Is Amanda Palmer harboring some bizarre internal malice towards her alma mater, manifesting itself in lines like “I don’t care if you burn away”? Does this make her the first prominent alumnus ever to return to campus to express bitterness towards Wes in song? How many of her ’90s Wesleyan references are still relevant? When will MGMT write a tribute to us?

Here’s a cover performance by a talented YouTube pianist by the username of “addnamehere.” Goodness knows where he learned the song.

So start the semester off in style: with an uncomfortably aggressive song about burning Wesleyan down.