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A Middletown Day Retrospective

Friday Night Lights at Wesleyan University on Saturday

I recently thought back to when I first toured Wesleyan. My tour guide, a gentleman that my mother would later refer to as “the hippie,” was a nice fellow who had a lot of great things to say about Wes. One thing that stuck with me, however, was his thoughts on Wesleyan athletics. To paraphrase, he had claimed that Wesleyan’s students, in a place overflowing with school spirit, frequently spent time watching the athletic events on campus.

While I won’t deny his bit about school spirit, I have come to question what the hell he was trying to pull with the whole ‘we like sports’ thing. True – Wes can claim that the athletic events that take place at our campus’s center have an “audience.” False – Wes can claim that this audience is even mildly aware of what sport is unfolding before them, due to A.) utter intoxication or B.) philosophical distraction. Just because Foss Hill conveniently situates its occupants facing the football/baseball field doesn’t mean that its occupants have the slightest comprehension of what’s happening.