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WesMaps 2017-2018 Is Live (Kind Of) (For the Most Part)

I thought I was going to get work done tonight, but the pre-reg deities had other plans. Welcome to WesMaps 2017-2018, your new form of future-building, stress-inducing procrastination.

Truth be told, we don’t usually post about fall WesMaps until spring pre-reg, but since the new WesMaps link is already spreading like wildfire on social media, we thought we’d make an exception. Most of the courses aren’t even up yet, so we’ll hold off on our “best of” list, but here are some initial observations:

NEW Collaborative Cluster Initiative

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.10.46 PM

Professor Joyce Jacobsen wants you to be well aware:

New Academic Opportunity in 2014-15 for rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores!

The Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life invites applications from students in all majors for a new program to begin in Fall 2014 that will engage twenty students in a Cluster of three one-credit courses, a year-long collaborative research project, and a range of associated lectures and academic and social activities throughout the academic year. More info about first cluster post-jump.

Courses of Interest Spring 2014

UPDATE: These courses are STILL open.


Sometimes, in the chaos of planning one’s courses, we can overlook (also source of picture above– shout-out to the amazing Avery Trufleman ’13 who’s killin it in the real world) some incredible WesMaps gems. In an effort to help you out, here are some courses next semester to watch out for as suggested by Wesleying staff:

WRCT260: Advanced Fiction with Amy Bloom ’76 

“It’s a fiction class. With Wesleyan’s award-winning writer-in-residence Amy Bloom. Amy Bloom only teaches courses in the spring, so this is an opportunity you shouldn’t easily pass up. It’s not crosslisted so it’s easy to miss on Wesmaps, folks.”

ENVS361: Living in a Polluted World with Johan Varekamp

 “All that you breathe, drink and eat has been exposed to natural and person-made toxins. For each contaminant, we study where it comes from, how it cycles through the environment, and its pathway of human ingress. Then we discuss what it does to our bodies and souls. Topics range from arsenic and hexachromium exposure to: “Does dandruff shampoo protect against cancer”? “Is ritualistic mercury inhalation a good idea”?, and “Are there really >85,000 poorly characterized organic pollutants”?”  — Johan Varekamp

WRCT268: Topics in Journalism: Writing (and Arguing) About Inequality: How to Make Your Case with Anne Greene and Tracie McMillan

“Journalist Tracie McMillan is looking forward to working with Wesleyan students in this spring’s Koeppel Journalism course (WRCT 268) , Topics in Journalism: Writing (and Arguing) about Inequality: How to Make Your Case. McMillan received the Sidney Hillman Award for Social Justice Journalism and the James Beard Award, among others, for her book about the marketing of food and consumers’ food choices: The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields, and the Dinner Table. Applications are dueNov.14; details on WesMaps.” —Anne Greene

More after the jump!

WesMaps 2013-2014. Great.

Don’t get up. Not even the pic WesMaps sent in is excited for this announcement.

wesmaps_buttonWesleyan officially released its course catalog for the 2o13-2014 school year on WesMaps this weekend. But trust me: it’s not really worth reading through.

I mean, sure, look at it for a second, if you want. It’s got all the courses that the school will offer for the next two semesters. I guess it would come in handy if you’re trying to work out your schedule. But other than that, WesMaps isn’t anything to write home about.

For one thing, WesMaps lists Christina Marie Othon as teaching four sections of General Physics I at the same time, M.W.F. 11:00AM11:50AM. Really, Christina? Four classes at once? Good luck with that. (I give her a week.)

As if that weren’t embarrassing enough for WesMaps, you know when Priscilla Meyer’s Pushkin class is scheduled to meet? “TBA.” Well, I don’t know if that’s an actual time in Russia, but where I’m from, TBA stands for “to be announced.” Even worse? The class’s location: “TBA.” Thanks for your help, WesMaps. I’ll just assume this course occurs all across the spacetime continuum. (Maybe Christina can help me figure this one out. If she’s not too busy teaching every class ever simultaneously.)

It’s official…

Next year’s WesMaps is up.

Keep in mind that this is very early, and everything on here is likely to change substantially. Still, if you are like me and simply cannot wait until pre-registration in April, this will hopefully keep you satisfied until then.

Get Credit For Your Voice

We’ve been told that…

The Wesleyan Concert Choir (MUSC 435-01) is looking for more members! The class meets on Mondays from 4-7pm in Rehearsal Hall 003, and all experience levels are welcome. At the end of the semester, the class will perform in a concert with the Greater Middletown Chorale and a professional string orchestra at Crowell Concert Hall.

You can find it here on WesMaps.

Insert childish Uranus joke here

Old news to some, perhaps, but WesMaps now features a new course cluster: “Planetary Science.” Currently, it consists of a handful of courses from the biology, chemistry, and (primarily) E&ES departments. There’s nothing too terribly interesting there at the moment, but maybe it’s a sign of things to come?

(For the record, there is currently no mention of the College of the Environment or the Quantitative Analysis Center/Center for the Study of Public Life, both of which are just around the corner.)