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Photos: Da Rock Show in WestCo Cafe

Dink-583, the best band on campus to offer interpretations (no, not “tributes,” you fool) of Blink-182 songs, made its triumphant return to Wesleyan Thursday night. They managed to play a raucous set despite drummer Kevin Curtin ’13’s ankle injury, and he even got a little help from his friends for one song (to use a gratuitous Beatles reference). Though the spacious, subterranean space of the WestCo Cafe seemed to keep the sweatiness at bay (and the naked strangers out), the band was in their underwear by the time I arrived, and much shirtlessness was observed in the audience as well.

Trill Will Feinstein ’13, of particularly impressive ‘fro and beard lately, contributed vocals on “Dick Lips”, and a particularly bold group of underclasspeople asserted their sweaty musculature in order to get up front and sing as well. (One girl appeared to be doing so using sign language, as she was not actually using the microphone but established an equivalent rapport with the audience).

On the negotiating-with-PSafe end of things, the event was also a success, lasting until midnight, the previously decided-upon stopping point.

Weezer, Green Day, and RHCP @ Eclectic

Hey guys, so it turns out all of that SBC drama was for nothing, Cameron just absentmindedly misplaced a few million big ones  under his bed or something, no worries, so yeah, Concert Committee got like $1.5 million and decided to book some dope bands like Weezer and Green Day, but unfortunately Scott Stapp is still recovering from last week’s LoRise Creed show, but whatever, Casey Feldman ’12 writes in:

You read it correctly, dude. ALL THE FUCKING HITS (from Pinkerton and The Blue Album). Relive your glory days before we leave this place (some for summer, some forever).

Motherfucking Green Day is supporting. What the fuck? How did both Weezer and Green Day agree to visit our humble liberal arts college? WHO KNOWS??

UPDATE: Whaaaaa???? Wes alums Red Hot Chilli Peppers just called and added themselves to the event. Anthony Kiedis ’83 had this to say: “Flip a-floop. Biddly-boop.” New hardcore band Bakshi opens up. Thrash yourself.

  • 10:30 Bakshi
  • 11:00 Red Hot Chubby Chasers
  • 11:45 Green Day
  • 12:30 Weezer

Date: Tonight, May 4
Time: 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.
Place: Eclectic
Facebook: “Is this for real?”

“Work Sucks!” (“I know.”)

let’s go / don’t wait / this night’s /almost over

They’re baaaaack.

No, not the 50-year-old clothing-optional Middletown dudes with the hip-swinging gyrations and open wounds. Dink 583, Wesleyan’s premier Blink-182 cover band, emerged from the shadows of the infamous “Man Overboard” Incident last night in a Pine backyard, belting out “All The Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again,” “First Date,” and that weirdly sad one about divorce (plus a bunch more) to enthusiastic moshers and spirited partyfolk.

Turns out the best way to keep away the au naturale older crowd is by having your show outside a senior house in pleasantly crisp sub-50-degree autumn-evening weather. Good going! (Not that that really keeps out the M-Town felons. Or the MPD.) (But that’s a story for another 3 AM g-chat sesh.) (Or not.)

Click on for a few additional photos (most of them are by Rachel Pincus ’13), an “Anthem Part Two” video clip, and some choice excerpts from “All The Small Things”’s weirdly long Wiki page.