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In Depth: Westitch

This is another installment in our series of interviews with student groups at Wesleyan.

Two of Rama’s finished sewing projects

For this interview, I sat down with Rama Al Nakib ’16, co-founder of Westitch, to talk about the group’s history, how it is currently structured, and the creative process.

What is Westitch?

Westitch is a do-it-yourself collective. We teach sewing, knitting, and clothing construction from scratch material or old items. My partner, Nicole Roman-Johnson ā€™16, handles the knitting part of the group.

How was Westitch founded?

Over the summer I was going through the list of extracurriculars because I wanted to join clubs. Iā€™d already been sewing and like cutting up my own clothes really low key since high school but I really wanted to make it a thing that people would do here, because I know a lot of people are interested. So I signed up for a table at the club fair. We applied for funding through the WSA, which we used to buy machines, fabric, and lots of other supplies.

Student Craft Fair Seeks Crafters

From the Wesleyan Student Craft Fair:

Hello friends,

Over the past couple of years at Wesleyan, we have witnessed innumerable creative works by our peers. While much talent is on display in the classroom, performances and art exhibitions, we know a lot of creativity takes place behind-the-scenes.

We want to open up a public venue for Wesleyan students to share, barter, sell and exchange their own works with their peers. Thus, we propose a Wesleyan Student Crafts Fair. By crafts we mean anything hand-made: prints, jewelry, illustrations, clothing, journals, collages, zines, and so on. But don’t let these examples limit you — be as creative as you would like to be. We envision a fun-filled day of creativity, sharing, music, and food!

Please e-mail wes.diy.fair(at)gmail.com by the first day of classes, January 21st (Wednesday) if you are interested in participating in the fair. For those of you who may need help getting materials — we’re going to try our best to organize some funding, so don’t let that discourage you. You do not need to know what you want to create at this time, but please let us know if you are interested in being part of this day. We can only move forward with plans once we know that there is a genuine interest. After this initial stage, we will provide more detailed information about the logistics of the fair. We also plan to have people congregate to share their ideas and give input on how to organize this event.

So stay tuned and forward this email to anyone and everyone you think may want to join!

Etsy! Tomorrow!

(This is a print called The Big Moon by Emily Martin, known as The Black Apple on Etsy. I can’t remember where I heard about her, but she’s one of Etsy’s huge success stories…like, quit-her-day-job-success-story).

I almost missed this in the events calendar, but apparently Etsy reps will be outside Usdan pretty much all day tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/14). I assume they’ll be selling stuff, though I’m confused as to why the event is labeled as a first time thing because they were here last year. Etsy is basically an online craft fair; it’s a place for small-scale (and sometimes not so small-scale) artists/crafters/makers to sell their creations. Even if you don’t care to stop by the table, definitely try out the Color feature on the website (be warned: you could spend hours perusing).

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