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William Tong, Senate Candidate, Visiting Wesleyan

Michael Linden ’15, President of the Wesleyan Democrats, wants to inform you about an exciting political event happening tomorrow evening:

William Tong, current member of Connecticut’s House of Representatives and a candidate for the US Senate (currently running against Susan Byceiwicz and Chris Murphy), will be on campus to speak with students about his story, his campaign, and his goals if elected Senator! All students are encouraged to attend.

  • When: Tuesday, March 6, 7 – 8 PM
  • Where: Usdan 110
  • Food: FREE PIZZA

Cool facts about William Tong: he is the first Asian American to serve on the Connecticut General Assembly, and was the first Connecticut legislator to endorse Obama when he first decided to run for President! Gotta love him just for those two little details.

Former Middletown mayor not to head state’s elections watchdog agency anymore

As of Monday, January 30th, the State Elections Enforcement Commission is no longer considering former Middletown mayor Sebastian Giuliano to be its Executive Director and general counsel, and the agency is now re-posting its job offer. This reversal is due in large part to the concerns expressed by Connecticut politicians and Wesleyan students alike.

This decision was made only a couple of weeks after the Commission announced its plan to hire Giuliano for the position. Concerns were quickly raised, however, most notably by state officials and a group of Wesleyan students. The students who expressed concerns ultimately filed an official complaint with the SEEC against the former mayor due to the unprecedented difficulties students had getting out to vote in the Middletown elections last November. The complaint accused Giuliano and some of his affiliates of engaging in patterns of behavior that sought to “intimidate, mislead or otherwise discourage [Wesleyan students] from voting.” This complaint helped lead to the postponement of the SEEC’s vote on Giuliano’s appointment – until today.

Former mayor’s appointment delayed in part because of student complaint against him

We got some more updates for you all about former Middletown mayor Sebastian Giuliano and his appointment to the CT State Elections Enforcement Commission:

As of Wednesday, January 13th, the SEEC announced that it is postponing the vote that would have otherwise allowed for Mr. Giuliano’s appointment as its Executive Director and General Counsel until further notice.

This postponement is in no small part due to the rushed efforts of a handful of Wesleyan students to file a complaint against Mr. Giuliano with the SEEC. Despite most students being on break and scattered across the country, a surprise blizzard, and only 4 days to get everything together, the complaint was delivered around 1:30 PM on Tuesday by Paulina Jones-Torregrosa ’15 on behalf of the group of students. At 3:30 PM that same day, Mansoor Alam ’15 stood outside the SEEC to take questions from various journalists.

Student protest against former mayor’s appointment to elections watchdog agency

Following up on a previous post about former mayor Sebastian Giuliano‘s pending appointment to the CT State Elections Enforcement Commission, students are now organizing a protest in Hartford to show their discontent at the nomination. Check it out:

  • What: protest against Giuliano’s appointment to the SEEC & delivery of a formal complaint charging him with violating state election laws
  • Date: Tuesday, January 17th aka TOMORROW!
  • When: 3:30 PM
  • Where: State Elections Enforcement Commission @ 20 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT
  • Who will be there: Wesleyan and other Connecticut college and high school students, along with various civil rights groups
  • Who to contact: Gabriela De Golia ’13 and Mansoor Alam ’15 (also, let them know if you have a car!)

If you’re in Connecticut and free on Tuesday afternoon, looks like it’s time to get back in the Wesleyan-protesting-swing-of-things.

Middletown mayoral debate at Wesleyan

wes electionOn Tuesday, October 6, the Wesleyan Students Assembly is hosting a student-moderated on-campus debate between the candidates in Middletown’s mayoral election: two-term Republican incumbent Sebastian Giuliano, and Democratic challenger Dan Drew.

The debate will be held in the Memorial Chapel and is targeted towards the Wesleyan community, but anyone from Middletown is encouraged to attend and participate.

sebastian giulianoWesleyan is a significant part of the Middletown community, and there’s a good chance that enough Wes votes might swing the election towards either candidate. Which means that, if you plan to vote in November, you would do well to learn about what’s at stake for this town before making a decision.

Middletown elects mayors to two-year terms, so underclassmen should especially take note – your vote will help decide what the local environment is like for a lot of your time here.

dan drewFor some background, read the Argus coverage of the election so far and interviews of Sebastian Giuliano and Dan Drew.

Drew is likely to be the favorite of Wes voters: a fresh-faced Democrat who has the Internet thing down, with both a Facebook page and his own website, against a more experienced Republican. Sound familiar?

Of course, national politics is very different from local politics, and it’s important to understand what Middletown needs and what each of these guys is about instead of blindly supporting the one we’re conditioned to.

So stop by the debate on Tuesday for some civic education. Check out the Facebook event here.

Date: Tuesday, October 6
Time: 8-10 pm
Place: Memorial Chapel

Thanks to the WSA for organizing this event. Wesleying is sponsoring the debate along with the Center for Community Partnerships, Psi U, the Argus, The Middletown Eye, and The Safe and Friendly Neighborhood, so if you have any questions or issues you want either of the candidates to address, comment on this post soon and they might be raised at the debate.

Matt Lesser Gets State Rep. Nomination

Normally I find it difficult to connect local political happenings to Wesleyan, but when a prior Wesleyan student (and present member of the Wesleyan community) runs for State Representative, the connection is obvious. Matt Lesser received the Democratic Nomination for State Representative in Middlefield last night–a unanimous decision–and afterward told me a little bit about his campaign:

His campaign is being managed by a two fellow Wesleyan students, Mike Pernick ’10 and Saul Carlin ’09. I have posted a more detailed write-up of last night’s convention at my vanity project, and Matt Lesser has more information about his candidacy at www.mattlesser.com. Prior Wesleying posts about Matt Lesser can be read here.

Updated [2008-05-22]: Changed to more accurately describe Matt’s student status.