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THESISCRAZY 2019 (Part 2): Em, Emm & Emma

Things are getting dire in the CSS Lounge: “Send Help” + a very ambitious chapter schedule!

Welcome to the second installment of THESISCRAZY 2019! We had some technical difficulties and lost this post when our site went down (always save your work, friends!!!), but we’re back and better than ever now!

It’s getting close to the deadline (FIVE MORE DAYS AAAHHHHH) and we know you’re looking for an excuse to procrastinate/distract you from the weekend of work ahead. Just know that all of us here at Wesleying believe in you!! You’ve got this!!

In addition to today’s post, you can read part one of this year’s series here, and past years’ posts here.

Today, we have three Emmas who are writing three super-cool theses! Check out their interviews below the jump!

Guest Post: Wesleyan, It’s Time to Rise Up for Custodial Workers

“Janitorial workers provide essential labor in our homes, dorms, classrooms and athletic facilities. Our failure to see, support and organize with these workers must end.”

María with her grandchildren.

Some of you may have seen students tabling with petitions in Usdan or sharing a GoFundMe on social media in support of María Sarabia this week. Students for Custodial Workers has written this guest post to explain the conditions of custodial workers at Wesleyan and what you can do to help! Read below the jump for their post:

Worker/Student Solidarity Meeting

Ari Ebstein from USLAC wants to hear your opinions!

These issues include:A meeting of the souls! a space for Wesleyan workers, both custodial and dining services, to communicate with each other and with the student community recent issues that have arisen.

These issues include:
-the threatening of ESL classes for custodians
-suspension of seven workers for leaving a few hours early during a snowstorm, when no managers or supervisors were there
-contract negotiations with Bon Appetit workers

Come at either 12:30 or 3:30 !!! :D

And we’ll be organizing for future events, including a public forum at the end of march. come, listen, and show solidarity!

When: Thursday, February 27th
Time: 12:30pm or 3:30pm
Where: 200 Church

Wesleyan’s Custodial Workers Protest Working Conditions, Employee Cuts Outside Roth’s House on Lunch Break


On Friday, June 14, many of Wesleyan’s custodial workers gave up their lunch hour to protest employee cuts and demand better working conditions. The custodians protested on the lawn outside President Roth’s house due to news that Sun Services, the contractor who provides Wesleyan’s custodial services, plans to cut 13 of Sun’s 60 workers and divide up responsibilities among the already-overburdened staff. According to The Middletown Press, the protest included about 40 of Sun’s 60 employees, who were joined by cafeteria workers in “UNITE HERE!” t-shirts in solidarity.

Their demands, directly quoted from The Middletown Press are as follows:

When it became clear that Roth was not in the office, the group struck camp and marched around the green to the president’s residence. They brought with them letters for the administration, Sun and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, demanding new requirements to reduce their cleaning workload to a maximum of eight houses a day—or five a day in the case of larger houses.

The Sun employees also requested that each worker not be required to clean more than three dormitories per day.

They also charge that Sun has demanded they work in high-rise dorms using noxious chemicals without gas masks or ventilation fans, and that workers have started to fall ill.