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Wes Is Da Horniest

There is nothing even vaguely meaningful being conveyed in this post, but I’m sick of hearing about Irene, too. Happy travels, incoming frosh.

If you bother putting stock in any silly college rankings, then you may as well put stock in all college rankings—and why not pay attention to this college ranking?

The Daily Beast has taken the liberty of ranking the 25 horniest college nationwide. Miracle of all miracles, Wes has taken the lead spot, one slot ahead of our neighbor Yalies.

Male-female ratio grade: A+
Girls: A+
Guys: A+
Campus strictness: A+

Is it the long-rumored but rarely experienced naked parties (which had little to do with sex, even when Art House was flourishing)? The New York Times’ mythical naked dorm? Our porn-drenched curriculum? I dunno. Maybe we really are that much hornier than every other school in, um, the country.