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Photos: Precision Troupe Performance

This week’s edition of “Mike Nakhla ’13 Takes Some Pretty Excellent Photos and We Lazily Repost Them For You” features the April 19 dance performance by Precision Troupe, one of Wesleyan’s oldest dance companies, which performs once a year in a party setting. These shots were taken at Psi U.

For more of Nakhla’s work, click here or check out his website. He does weddings! Get engaged so you can hire him! Get engaged to him!

Economie Dance Flashmob

Kerry Nix ’15 has got a proposition for you:

It’s the middle of break, and you’re getting stir-crazy. You could watch 24 episodes of Homeland (do it – it’s worth it), or you could get moving, learn an awesome dance, and participate in a flashmob in mid-April!

Join Economie, Wesleyan’s dance group focused on social justice. Follow this linkto learn a short and easy dance! Learn the dance by watching the video during break, and brush up at the practice sessions Economie will hold once we’re back at Wes – or, you can learn the dance at the practice sessions.

Send a blank email to kzhou(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to register!

Deadline: Whenever?
Contact:  kzhou(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Precision Troupe: Auditions!

Precision Troupe is the part of the Precision Dance Company that primarily performs hip-hop pieces once a semester during its semi-annual party, complete with a DJ, lights and a stage.

Anyone, of any skill level, is welcome to come!   

There will be two audition dates, but you only need to go to one!
Saturday, Oct 8th 3pm- 4:30pm
Sunday, Oct 9th 4:30-6pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Cynthia (ctong@wes) or Nik (nowens@wes) or check out the Facebook page

Date:   Oct. 8 – Oct. 9
Time:   3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Freeman Athletic Center MPR