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Photos: Prince Rama, Bamenda at Eclectic

Neo-tribalgaze band Prince Rama, which consists of two glittery sisters who grew up on a Hare Krishna commune (and that guy in the background who follows their exploits with his bass and gets curiously little media attention), played to a packed, sweaty house at Eclectic Friday night. Their act has a strong element of performance art; their opening ritual included keyboardist Taraka Larson throwing a long, sheer veil over herself and creeping through the crowd at the speed of molasses while the rest of the band played a droney track (it might have been “Summer of Love”).

She also climbed up on the speakers and blindly caressed the heads of the freshman boys in the front row, who made beatific expressions as if they had been touched by an angel. They invited people to get up front and dance with them, but the audience was sadly shy. No worries if you missed it and still want to shake your booty; according to their Facebook page, they’re holding a YouTube dance contest and the deadline is October first.

Opening was Dema Paxton Fofang ’13’s solo project Bamenda, which we posted about a few weeks ago.

WeZoom: A WesBam Affair

Wesleyan now has its own kind of WesDance? I dig. From Nicole Klein ’15:

It’s a dance party every Tuesday. It burns calories. You feel like a boss. You get to shake your ass, a lot. And we’re really excited about it.


Got questions? Email Nicole at nklein(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or Emily at epfoutz(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Tuesday, September 18
Time: 5 pm
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio
Facebook Event: Link.
Cost: Free!

Crook$hanks Drops Latest Monthly Mix


Resident always-super-busy campus musician Adrien DeFontaine ’13 has dropped his latest in a series of monthly DJ mixes under his Crook$hanks moniker. The latest, The March Mix, as always, includes some of the stuff Mr. $hanks has been diggin’ this month, including Unicorn Kid’s “Boys of Paradise,” which he has called one of the happiest songs ever.

Check it out embedded below, check out Crook$hanks’ set Saturday night at WestCo’s Eurotrash rave, and check out his January and February mixes too. Tracklisting after the jump.

Jump & Jive at the Swing & Blues Dance at Jump & Jive

Tresne Hernandez ’12 wants you to swing, swing, swing (and blues) from the tabletops at Vinnie’s Jump & Jive this Saturday:

Bringing back the swing! And blues too… A SWING & BLUES DANCE!

Date: Saturday, January 28
Time: 8-9 pm: Beginner Lesson; 9-11 pm: swing dancing for all; 11-12 pm: late-night blues
Place: Vinnie’s Jump & Jive, 424 Main Street
Cost: $5 for students; $8 for general admission

AND THEN! Late-late-night blues at Wesleyan!

Time: 11 pm – 1:30 am
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio
Cost: Free to be, you and Mroth

Dylan Marron ’10 Emerges . . . ?

“Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?”

Just in time for National Coming Out Day (or not quite) comes Michelle Bachmann’s entry to the national “It Gets Better” project—at least according to Dylan Marron ’10.

A few years ago, Marron, along with Jo Firestone ’10, comprised one-half of the devastatingly funny Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite, which holds the unique honor of being the first performance of any sort that I saw at Wesleyan (WESFEST 09 4 LYFE). (The show eventually scored a weekly slot at New York’s The Pit.) Today he sends in a few post-grad video projects involving fellow WesKids Andrew Gladstone ’11, Even Henritze ’11, and Sam Mohney ’11:

Audition for Precision Ensemble!

Audrey Haynes ’12 is a dancing dynamo:

Audition for Precision Ensemble!

Precision ensemble is a student-run dance group, which together with Precision Troupe (our hip-hop half) form

PRECISION. Ensemble features a range of styles (contemporary, jazz, modern, tap etc) As a member of ensemble you’ll get the opportunity to dance, choreograph, perform and just be part of a group of saucy dancer folk!We welcome all dance styles and experience levels!

You only need to come to one audition. No need to prepare anything, just come ready to move.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Audrey (ahaynes@wes) or Nik (nowens@wes).
Auditions are:
Saturday, Oct 15th 7pm- 8:30pm
Sunday, Oct 16th 7:30-9pm
Fayerweather Dance Studio

Dates: Saturday, October 15th and Sunday, October 16th
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Saturday, 7:30pm to 9pm on Sunday
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio

Cupcakes and Mocktails

From Cory Meara-Bainbridge ’13:

Come join the lovely ladies of Women of Color House and Womanist House for some hand-decorated cupcakes, fantabulously delicious mocktails, music, dancing, talking and more! Dress to impress cause we sure will be. This Friday at 8:00PM @ Women of Color House (227 Pine Street – The big red house).

Time: 8pm
Place: WoCoHo (the big red barn on Pine St)

Terpsichore Fall Auditions

From Audrey Haynes ’12:

It’s that time again….

Come audition to be a part of Wesleyan’s oldest student-run dance show! No dance experience is necessary and all styles are accepted and encouraged. Wear something movement-friendly that will stand out.

If you’re interested in choreographing, contact fbuzzi@wes. We love all styles and have pretty much seen it all, from contemporary to salsa to satire to sword dancing.

We’ll have auditions for Terp Core after general auditions.

Contact fbuzzi@wes or nowens@wes if you have any questions!

Dancing is hot.

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011
Time: 2:00PM- 5:00PM
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio
Facebook: here

Opening Tonight: New York: You Are My Wife

Daniel Thatcherson of the Baby-Mâché Players writes:

Hello Wellesleyan University! We are absolutely thrilled to bring our production of New York: You Are My Wife to your quaint little campus. The Baby-Mâché Players, an up and coming theater company from the outskirts of ol’ NY City, have crafted a collective work of art that brings together the best of our Big Fat Apple and throws it up in your face in the form of a cabaret show. Songs! Monologues! Slam poetry! We’ve got it all. So why don’t you come along TONIGHT, TOMORROW, or SATURDAY at 8 as we take you for a ride through “the heart of it all”?! Find out more here!

You’ve never seen The City like this!

This is the best thing you’ve ever seen.

  • Date: April 21, 22, 23
  • Time: 8pm
  • Place: WestCo Café
  • Cost: FREE! No tickets. Just show up.

Irish Dancers at Wes?

Submitted by Ceili Brennan ’13:

Did you do Irish Dancing in high/middle/elementary school? Would you be interested in getting together with other former dancers (if they are present here) in a big open room with mirrors a couple times a month? If so, email me at cbrennan(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.