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Star and Crescent Menu, Week of Nov 2

butternut squash flatbread ft. DJ

Star and Crescent Restaurant Hours
LUNCH: Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-12:35, $11.00 (+$0.75 for to-go)
DINNER: Monday-Thursday 5:00-6:45, $13.75 (+$1.00 for to-go)
Located at Alpha Delta Phi House
First Three Freshman Eat Free!!!!

DINNER- Greens w/ Honey & Thyme vin. Jamaican Jerk Chicken or Tofu, Sautéed Greens w/ Thyme, Garlic, Scotch Bonnet & Carrot, Red Beans and Rice  *VEGAN ENTREE, GLUTEN FREE ENTREE
DES- Pumpkin Spice Cake