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Cardinal Sinners and the Dartmouth Brovertones in Olin

 The Dartmouth Brovertones — irreverently ruining the questionably-existent a cappella scene since time untold.

Lauren Seo ’14 invites you to swing by Olin tonight to see two awesome a capella groups:

The Cardinal Sinners and the Dartmouth Brovertones are having one magical night of a cappella and we want YOU to come and share in on the beauty! This Saturday, December 1st at 8pm. Olin Library. Be there. Facebook event.

Come! After all, not every a capella group covers KIDS, and rarely with such flair:

Wesleyan Team Competes in Water Polo Tournament

From Adam Rashkoff ’13:

Come by the pool this weekend to watch the Wesleyan Water Polo team begin the fall season! Wesleyan competes in the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s New England Division, which includes Yale, Dartmouth, BU, BC, and NESCAC competitor Middlebury. Below is Wesleyan’s playing schedule.

Saturday, Sept. 22
10:00am – Wesleyan v. Middlebury
6:20pm – Wesleyan v. BC

Sunday, Sept. 23
9:00am – Wesleyan v. Dartmouth
1:10pm – Wesleyan v. Yale

For more information about Wesleyan Water Polo, visit the team website!

Date: Saturday, September 22, Sunday, September 23
Time: Saturday: 10 AM, 6:20pm; Sunday: 9am, 1:10pm
Place: The Wesleyan Natatorium (the pool)

Desperate Times call for…

The illustrious Casey Reed ’12 writes in to let you know about a way to double your fun this Friday night with double the improv, as Dartmouth’s Dog Day Players joins Desperate Measures for a show this Friday in the Nics Lounge at 10 p.m. I know that, judging by this Facebook event, I’ll be there.

Classes are over, but the Dog Days aren’t! They’re just arriving, from Dartmouth! (To join with Wesleyan’s oldest short form comedy Improv group for the comedy event of the year!)

Date: Friday, December 9th
Time: 10 p.m.
Place: Nics Lounge

"Dartmouth Teacher Sues Students for Being Mean to Her"

That sounds like the title of an Onion article…I can’t tell if this is a joke or not:

“As an example of Venkatesan’s rejection of views different from her own, the student highlighted Venkatesan’s cancelation of class for a week after the class applauded a student who contradicted Venkatesan’s opinions about post-modernism.” – Dartmouth News

More here from our friends at Gawker

[Edit]: She did in fact file a lawsuit, but has rescinded it. Now she teaches at Northwestern! Check out the Gawker update

Ivy League Discounts- Making It Tougher for the Rest of Us?

You might be aware that last month Harvard radically changed its financial aid policy to greatly benefit students from families with annual incomes of up to $180,000 as well as financially less well-off ones. Not to be outdone, last week Yale announced that it will do the same for students whose families earn up to $200,000. Dartmouth is the latest college to announce a major overhaul: a new plan revealed this week provides completely free tuition to all students from families with less than $75,000 in annual income, replaces all loans with scholarships, and extends need-blind admission to international students.

So what’s next from less uh, well-endowed schools? Harvard has a $35 billion endowment, Yale stands at $22.5 billion, Dartmouth has a little over $3 billion, and all three have high growth rates. Clearly their new financial aid policies are excellent news for students accepted there, but what kind of precedent are they setting for the rest of the country? Besides the Ivy league and gigantic state universities, you won’t find many schools with this much to spend, and there’s little chance of Wesleyan (and other smaller schools) scrounging up enough billions of dollars to completely bail out students who could use a break on their tuition. It’s nice that schools like Wes are dropping loans for the lower income range, but there are inevitably many students who are going to end up dealing with a lot of debt after graduation. Does this guy have a valid argument in his New York Times Op-Ed about how Ivy League discounts put stress on less well-endowed schools to skew financial aid so it benefits wealthier students at the expense of poorer ones? Can SuperRoth help us out here by the time he’s done? Only time will tell.