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Film Series: Lawrence of Arabia

1962. UK/USA. Dir: David Lean. With Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness. 222 min.

When a British army officer is sent to assess the capabilities of an Arab insurgency the United Kingdom is supporting, he defies his orders and joins their struggle for independence. is influential epic bases itself not on the spectacle of violence, but on an intricate portrait of an eccentric man caught up in some- thing far larger than himself.

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Film Series: Brief Encounter

1945. UK. Dir: David Lean. With Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard. 86 min.


When Laura and Alec, both married, meet by chance at a train station, they embark on a friendship that threatens to upset their comfortable domestic lives. Wafting fog, dreamy voice-over, and a Rachmaninoff score make this abbreviated tryst a perfect prelude to Valentine’s Day, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or firmly in the “love is doomed” camp.

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