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Davison Art Center Volunteer Docent Post

IMAGE: Ben Weiner, Cave, 2012, at the The Alumni Show II, Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery


The Davison Art Center is looking for volunteer docents for their school tours program. Every fall, docents introduce Middletown fourth graders to exhibitions on campus galleries (The DACZilkha Gallery and Mansfield Freemen Center) and a workshop on the Javanese Gamelan.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with the community and build professional skills by leading tours, performing exhibition research, and meeting the curators. Tours run October 8-10, 15-17, and 23-24 from 9am-12:15pm. All docents will be required to commit to one (or more) shifts. The DAC has a history of over 40 years of engaging with Middletown’s students and we couldn’t do it without the tremendous support of our volunteers!

Contact Info: Rosemary Lennox, rosemary.vm.lennox[at]gmail[dot]com

Overlay: A Video Restoration of the DAC

Digitial Media II

David Shor ’13 has been blowing up my phone to get this event posted, so y’all should check it out:

Please join us for the Digital Media II Art Exhibition. There will be video, sewing machines, body parts, ink blots and more… Refreshments will be served.

Installations by: Miché Aaron, Dandara Catete, Raphael Diallo, Hanna Edizel, Christian McLaren, David Shor, Khari Slaughter, and William Tyner

Date: Today!
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Place: Davison Art Center

Within Limits: Commissioned Student Work

lots of men

Photo Credit: Emily Bernstein

Julia Christie ’13 and Virgil Taylor ’15 write in with some artsy stuff happening at Wesleyan this Wesfest 2013:

A hallway show of student work responding to the archive. There will
be desserts and music and art. Please come by to support the artists,
check out the Davison Art Center, and schmooze like adults!

The opening is this Thursday from 5-7, the show will be up in the hall
through early May.

The exhibition features the following Wesleyan artists:

Emily Bernstein ’14
Stratton Coffman ’14
Addison McDowell ’16
Eleanore Pankow ’13
Evita Rodriguez ’14
Becky Schisler ’14
Will Wiebe ’14

The event is curated by Virgil Taylor ’15

Date: Thursday, April 18 (the art will be up through early May)
Time: 5-7 p.m.
Place: Davison Art Center
Cost: Free as a bird

The Big Draw: Middletown

Julia Christie ’13 is a friend of the Friends of the Davison Art Center:

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Friends of the Davison Art Center presents “The Big Draw: Middletown,” a community celebration of drawing with workshops for people of all skill levels. There will be ten on-going workshops in the CFA, Beckham Hall, Davison Art Center, and Usdan. Professors Julia Randall, Kate Teneyck, Keiji Shinohara, along with drawing students and volunteers from the Middletown Public Schools will facilitate the workshops. Activities include drawing from live models, dancers, ink drawing, costumes, the DAC gallery, the creation of expansive earth day-themed mural, and more. Open to drawers of all skill level, participants are welcome to come and go, and it’s free! Workshops and activities will go on from 1-4 PM and there will be a gathering in the Art Workshop Lobby across from Zilkha at 5 PM. For more information, check out the Facebook link.

Date: Sunday, April 22
Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Place: CFA, Davison Art Center, Beckham Hall
Cost: Free
MySpace: Friendster

Art History Open House for Prospective Majors

Come to the Davison Art Center Dining Room to learn more about being an Art History major! Mughal Indian art need not be just a hobby—it can be a way of life. Art history professors and major students will be there to answer your questions.

There will be cheese, crackers, and fruit for you to snack on.

Date:   Nov. 14
Time:   Noon – 1:00 PM
Place:  Davison Art Center Dining Room
Cost:   $0

Davison Labyrinth origins (sort of) revealed

davison labyrinth

Áine McCarthy ’10 has some answers to Braille’s musings about the labyrinth thing behind Davison Art Center.

It’s still unclear where this thing came from, but as a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator through Veriditas, a nonprofit organization devoted to educating people about the labyrinth, Áine knows more about what’s up and wrote an explanatory Wespeak.

The Davison labyrinth is modeled after one installed in the floor of the Chartes Cathedral in France in the 13th century, intended as a space for symbolic pilgrimage when travel was too dangerous because of the Crusades.

At Wes, its purpose is open-ended: a sacred space, a place of contemplation, a site for secret nighttime rituals? Use it well… read on for context.

Anomalous Campus Additions, installment II – THE SPACE STATION

Space Station (rear, entrance)

Space Station (rear, entrance)

Biking home tonight, noticed a space station in the CFA, complete with partial geodesic dome, solar array, wind turbine, flag and trendy green decals.Closer inspection revealed a big tool chest, a big saw, an astronaut bunk, and a pair of sunglasses. Knocked on the door and nobody was home. Every light in the place was on, as well as some spotlights (???) outside.

Space Station (front

Space Station (front)

Googling revealed a broken website, but google has a cache that describes it as an artists studio to be “embedded” in crisis zones (a la Katrina…) I guess they have plenty of sunjuice to burn, judging by the lights…
*Initially ambivalent feelings*
Whatever, it looks SWEET.
*anyone with more information please email us with space station in subject line*

Anomalous Campus Additions


There’s a new maze… flower.. brick. … picnic… thing!! Behind deatheaters and that art building with the cool paintings of statues!
Fresh within the last week. Big men in big trucks came, masoned and left. What is it? A super awesome and completely extraneous future gazebo, perhaps?

A closer look:

(also, HI! I’m back!)

Former Art Curator “Puffin” D’Oench passes away

puffin-doenchEllen “Puffin” D’Oench ’73, Curator Emerita of the Davison Art Center, Adjunct Professor of Art History Emerita, and former trustee of Wesleyan University, died last week at the age of 78.

After graduating from Wesleyan in 1973, she received a Ph.D. from Yale in 1979 and served as the Curator of the Davison Art Center from 1979 to 1998. According to the recent all-campus email:

At Wesleyan, she taught courses on museum studies, the history of prints, and the history of photographs, and advised many tutorials and student-organized exhibitions at the Davison Art Center.  D’Oench was a gifted scholar, a generous colleague, and an inspired teacher who sparked in many a love of prints and photographs. With the aid of gifts and funds raised by the Friends of the Davison Art Center, she expanded the renowned collection of the Davison Art Center by more than 5,000 objects, including significant photographs and contemporary prints.

D’Oench is survived by three children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

A memorial service will take place on Sunday, May 31, at 1:00 pm at Wesleyan’s Memorial Chapel. More information at the Doolittle funeral home.