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Spring Fling: I Heart The ’90s Edition

Whatup, daylight savings? We’ve cruised past the two-month mark for Spring Fling, and the internetz (okay, fine, the ACBz) are abuzz with  speculation: Who’s playing? Who isn’t playing? Who should be playing? And who in their right mind would call Big Boi “the other guy in Outkast”??


Kidding. Stay patient: this isn’t an announcement post—we’ll have the lineup for you when everything’s confirmed soon after break—but it is a bit of Fling history to tide you over. In the ’90s, Social Committee talks were way more last minute (check out the date on that headline), but not quite so secret. (Of course, there was no ACB to leak the info.) In 1996, committee chair Tony Bleach ’96 spoke to the Argus and let campus know what was up: precisely, ’90s indie hip hop, at the peak of its game.

A number of popular hip-hop and rap bands, including The Fugees and The Roots, have been targeted by the social committee to play for this May’s Spring Fling, according to committee chair Tony Bleach ’96. [ . . .] The rap band, Goodie Mob, has been mentioned as a possible third band. Bleach said the fourth band would be “something along the lines of a WESU band… probably a band few people would have heard of.”