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Ostranenie Deadline – Reminder

submit your arts, says bootsy collins

This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions to Ostranenie 5.1–the fall black-and-white issue–is TODAY. We are accepting anything capable of being represented in two-dimensions (poetry, prose, prose-poetry, artwork, criticism, collage, photography…), so send your work to SAMIZDATPRESS@GMAIL.COM (or drop it off in WesBox 90553 if you prefer).

Apply to Open House

From Tyler Wuthmann ’11:

Don’t like your double or triple? Want another guaranteed single? Love everything queer, 5 minute dance parties, and tea? Then Open House is the perfect place for you! As a program house with seven, spacious singles, Open House is committed to fun and interesting programing for larger community. If you have ideas for exciting programs next year or just want to live with six other really cool people then make sure your application into Open House is submitted by tonight at midnight! (Don’t forget to preference Open House as your number one choice).

Why: ’cause you wanna

Yearbook candids, oh noes!

Hey seniors, in case you are not the type to read your email particularly carefully, the email that went out today about sending in photos for the yearbook included a significant deadline change.

The deadline for submission is now MARCH 8th, which is this Saturday.

The instructions in the email included a password, which I feel like I shouldn’t post, so check your email for the info if you want to submit some photos

Ostranenie Deadline!!!!

The deadline for Ostranenie Magazine’s Spring Issue is TODAY at midnight! Submit!

Ostranenie is an open venue for publication. We consider ALL work (creative, critical, or otherwise) that’s capable of 2-D reproduction AND this is issue will be in COLOR. So send us what you’re making–whatever it is.

There is no upward limit on the number of submissions you can send. Just e-mail them to SamizdatPress@gmail.com OR get them to Box 91776 via campus mail.

Here is an incomplete list of what we consider (for ideas):

prose, manifesto, collage, poetry, diagram, nonfiction, art, documentation of 3 or 4-D events, interview, criticism, translation, fragment, autobiography, photography, essay, statement of poetics, artist statement, transcription, etc.