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Ask Obama Your Questions

A group of journalists have launched a site called Ask the President, in which users can upload videos of their questions and vote on the ones they’d like to see asked.

The most popular ones will ostensibly then be given to a journalist who will attend press conferences and ask the appropriate ones if given the opportunity. Sounds like an interesting way to make press conferences a little more democratic, and a little less insular than they’ve been in the past.

Check it out here.

Saul Carlin Supports Democracy

Saul Carlin ’09 is in CT News Junkie for his support of a new bill currently being debated in Connecticut which would allow voter registration on Election Day, possibly even at all polling locations:

Saul Carlin, vice-president of Wesleyan University’s student body, supports the bill. However, he did propose one small change. He said instead of requiring everyone who wants to register and vote on the same day to go to one location, like the Town Hall in Middletown, he would like to see it implemented at every polling place.

For Wesleyan students, Town Hall is not easily accessible for pedestrians and those who don’t have access to transportation may not have one to two hours to take out of their schedule to vote, he said.

…If the bill were to pass here, Carlin said the cost to the state would be minimal. He said Iowa spent less than $50,000 on the new act and most of the money was used to educate the state’s registrars-of-voters about the changes.

This would be convenient for many of you, Election Day somehow seems to sneak up on a lot of people – good job Saul!

CT News Junkie: Election Day Voter Registration Debated

Vote for your Reps

Voting in the WSA Winter Election has now begun.

Voting is easy! To cast your vote, go to the voting site and log in using your Wesleyan username and password.

From there, you will be eligible to vote in 2 of the 3 elections depending your class year.

Frosh: Vote in Frosh Rep Election and SBC Election
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors: Vote in At-Large Election and SBC Election

There are a number of great candidates running this time around. Don’t pass up this opportunity to have your voice heard!

Come make democracy work, this Saturday

This Saturday, May 3, The Wesleyan Chapter of the Roosevelt Institution is hosting a conference called “Making Democracy Work”. The goal of the conference is to use the tenets of democracy—discussion, dissent and debate—to foster dialogue about the health of our democracy.The day will begin in PAC 001 at 11:30 with breakfast and a panel framing the functions and failures of American Democracy. The panelists include Eyal Rabinovitch, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Melanye Price, Assistant Professor of Government, and David Stein (’06), PhD candidate in African American and American Studies at Yale University.

Next, at 1:30 in PAC 421 and PAC 422 student leaders from WesPrep and Traverse Square will lead breakout sessions about how Wesleyan students “make democracy work” in their daily lives. Lunch will be served.

The keynote address will be given by Richard L. Berke, Assistant Managing Editor for News from The New York Times. Mr. Berke is being brought to Wesleyan in conjunction with The New York Times Readership Program, and his talk is entitled “The Role of Media in Society”. President Roth will host a reception in his honor following the talk in Crowell.

Date: Saturday, May 3
Time: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: PAC and Crowell

WSA voting

The results of the fall WSA elections are up.

My favorite part is reading the ridiculous shit people write-in on their ballots. Like whoever plugged Wesleying using four different web addresses. Thank you! Now get laid!

Some of my favorite write-ins from the at-large representative election:

  • the big cheese
  • the bigger cheese
  • the biggest cheese
  • high lord xenu
  • giant joint
  • definitely not the giant joint
  • you can vote for seven… with eight candidates. who’s gonna be the sucker?
  • i’d like something on my resume! woo hoo!
  • zombie jesus
  • cardboard tube samurai
  • bob the cat
  • bob the cat is dead.
  • murderous stingray
  • god knows that being in the wsa is quite possibly the most useless and least satisfying form of masturbation known to man. god help us all.

Interestingly enough, there were seven votes for “franco franco franco franco franco;” A concerted effort, definitely, but what the fuck?!

Serious Business: Marijuana for President

The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA), our student government organization, is serious business.

So serious, in fact, that a giant smiling joint scored dozens of votes as a write-in candidate in last semester’s election.

Unfortunately, Giant Joint’s campaign ended in a puff of smoke.

Thanks to the creativity of Bex Allen ’08 (Facebook profile, Argus interview), last semester’s WSA elections had a drop of humor in what otherwise was a sea of apathy (and CSS majors).

I first saw Giant Joint on 4/20, and had yet to find out that much more than a humorous student was hidden below the costume. Soon, posters advertising Giant Joint’s campaign appeared on campus, bearing the slogan, “Every day is 4/20 with Giant Joint!” It turned into a phenomenon, including a dinnertime campaign stop at MoCon. By the time the voting was finished, Giant Joint had dozens of votes, but unfortunately, not enough to win a seat on the WSA.

Marijuana running for student government: just a little insight into the WSA.