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Hickenlooper ’74 Speaks at Democratic National Convention

“As another skinny Democrat with a funny last name, I was proud to host the convention in Denver five years ago that nominated [Obama]!”

Colorado governor and 2010 Commencement speaker John Hickenlooper ’74 took the stage yesterday at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, rousing support for Obama and boasting of Colorado’s bipartisan legislative gains. Hickenlooper last appeared on the national stage in July, his voice cracking as he reeled from the shock of the Aurora shooting. That tragedy played ample part in the governor’s DNC speech, which sought to draw lessons of bipartisan support from the violence and grief:

We weren’t Democrats or Republicans in that moment. We were simply Americans trying to help one another. These tragedies remind us not to waste time bickering. We had the power to come together, and we need to do this as a nation.

Hickenlooper, who had his Wesleyan diploma “symbolically revoked” last fall, also bragged about his state’s legislative record—and teased Romney for hiding his tax returns:

We’ve been able to pass vital legislation with strong bipartisan majorities. I’m luckier than President Obama. After my election, Colorado’s Republican legislators didn’t immediately start planning my defeat. . . . Some even complimented me for releasing my tax returns in the campaign!”