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WesDems suggest voting Dem in CT

Wesleyan University Democrats has asked that we post the following election-related message:

The Wesleyan Democrats suggest you vote Democrat on Tuesday. The Democratic candidates and issues on the local ballot will be:

Candidate for Congressional Representative ROSA DELAURO is a member of the House of Representatives since 1991, endorses Universal Healthcare, and is a member of the Labor-Health, Human Services-Education as well as chair of the Agriculture subcommittee.

Candidate for State Senator, PAUL DOYLE has represented Middletown in the State Senate since 2006, has introduced legislation that is pro-environment and is tough against hate crimes. He is also the Chair of the Aging Committee, and the Assistant Majority Whip.

Candidate for State Representative, JOSEPH SERRA has been Middletown’s State Representative since 1992, has a strong voting record for gun control and pro-environmental issues, is Chair of the Select Committee on Aging and serves on the Legislature’s Judiciary and Transportation Committees.

Candidate for Registrar of Voters, SANDRA FARACI is the incumbent registrar.

Should there be a Constitutional Convention to amend Connecticut’s Constitution? NO because right-wing lobbyists will use the convention to ban gay marriage, outlaw abortion, and weaken environmental regulations and workers’ rights.

Should the State Constitution be amended to allow 18 year olds to vote in primaries?
YES because young people’s voices deserve to be heard.

Have fun tomorrow, guys. This should be an interesting day.

Local Candidates Debate: Lesser vs Kalinowski

Tonight, the League of Women Voters is hosting a debate in the Middletown Council Chambers at City Hall between the two candidates for Connecticut’s 100th Assembly District, which includes parts of Middletown and the neighboring towns of Middlefield and Durham.

Democrat Matt Lesser, a rising leader in the progressive community and former Wesleyan student, squares off against incumbent Republican Ray Kalinowski, a traditional conservative and former secret service agent in the Nixon White House. The differences between Lesser, 25, and Kalinowski, 68, extend far beyond the age gap, including substantive disagreements on education, the environment, and major social issues.

Tonight’s debate at 6:45 is a great opportunity to show your support and hear straight from the candidates what their visions are for the future of the 100th District.

What: Political Debates
Who: Local candidates Matt Lesser and Ray Kalinowski
Where: Council Chambers, Middletown City Hall, 245 deKoven Drive
When: 6:45pm

Canvass for Change right here in Middletown

Matt Lesser, 25, who attended Wesleyan, is running for State Representative in the Middletown area. Matt is running on a progressive platform, which you can read about on his website www.mattlesser.com, against a far-right Republican incumbent. The district, which starts just down the road from Wesleyan, is the most Democratic district in Connecticut currently held by a Republican. Matt is going to win – but he needs your help.

Matt Lesser’s biggest campaign event of the summer will occur this Saturday at 11am at 106 Jacobs Terrace, which is just off of High Street. Matt will be giving a speech alongside other local elected officials to kick off a day of door-to-door canvassing in Middletown.

If you’re on campus, and you’ve been itching to get involved in something political, this is a great opportunity to spend just a couple hours and make a huge difference. This is the one best chance to get involved in Matt’s campaign this summer.

Please drop me a line at saul at mattlesser.com or via Facebook if you want to get involved or have any questions. Or just swing by on Saturday – hope to see you there!

Who: Matt Lesser
What: Canvass for Change in Middletown
Where: 106 Jacobs Terrace, just off of High St
When: 11am, Saturday, July 26

Commencement Speaker Hospitalized

Ted Kennedy, this year’s supposed commencement speaker and MA Senator, was hospitalized for having stroke-like symptoms and surgery on his left cartoid artery (in the heart). Looks like Wes might have to get someone new to speak. Check out more here and thanks to Ross Shenker ’11 for the update!

Update (Mad, 2:15 pm): The New York Times is reporting that, according to a statement released from Washington, he suffered a seizure this morning but is now “resting comfortably”. Yahoo is saying that he “did not appear to have had a stroke as initially suspected.” Our hearts go out to his friends and family, and we wish him an easy recovery. Get well soon!

Update (Mad, 10:55 pm): The New York Times has updated their article to say:

A family spokeswoman said Saturday evening that Mr. Kennedy, 76, was “conscious, talking and joking with family” who had gathered at Massachusetts General Hospital. Several other Kennedy associates said they were told that the senator, Democrat of Massachusetts, would recover, but that he was scheduled to undergo tests to determine what caused the seizure.

Glad to hear it! While I assume Kennedy still won’t be able to come to speak at Commencement (though this is unconfirmed), and I think we’re all less enriched by not getting to hear him speak, I wish him all the rest he needs to get better.

You Vote What You Eat

According to micro-targeting pollsters with questionable methods, Joanna Dicke ’10‘s food, beverage, and liquor preferences make her an Obama-supporting stereotype:

If there’s butter and white wine in your refrigerator and Fig Newtons in the cookie jar, you’re likely to vote for Hillary Clinton. Prefer olive oil, Bear Naked granola and a latte to go? You probably like Barack Obama too. And if you’re leaning toward John McCain, it’s all about kicking back with a bourbon and a stuffed crust pizza…

Apparently Obama supporters go for Bear Naked cereal, Clinton supporters prefer GoLean. and McCain supporters like FiberOne.

Republican drinks are Dr Pepper, brown liquors like bourbon or scotch, red wine and Fiji water. Democratic drinks are Pepsi-Cola, Sprite, clear liquors like gin and vodka, white wine and Evian water.

When it comes to fried chicken, he said, Democrats prefer Popeyes and Republicans Chick-fil-A.

“Anything organic or more Whole Foods-y skews more Democratic,” Mr. Dowd said. [Wow, who could’ve guessed]

So what now, campaign events at liquor stores and fried chicken joints? Is Colonel Sanders voting Nader?

Full NYTimes article: What’s For Dinner? The Pollster Wants to Know

Democratic Primary Debates Tonight at 8

If you’re interested in something significantly more relevant and newsworthy than Lost, the last Democratic Presidential primary debate before Super Tuesday (Feb. 5th) is tonight at 8 PM, live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. This might be a really good time to get some knowledge about the leading Democratic candidates if you’re still unsure, especially now that John Edwards has withdrawn his campaign and it’s solely between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the big nomination.

Experience vs. Change? Baby-Boomers vs. Gen Y? 60’s Revolution vs. Post-racial Politics? Head of the Class vs. Funky Fresh? Tiptoeing Around vs. Clawing Each Other to Pieces? Alright I’m done, check it out yourself.

Middletown Straw Poll

This year’s Middletown Straw Poll is being held Friday, January 25. Middletown Presidential Straw Poll Chairman John Kilian writes:

The Republicans at the state and local level have adopted the idea of holding a fundraiser/straw poll also to benefit the Connecticut Breast Cancer Association/Foundation on the same evening in Middletown, but at a different venue. The Javapalooza precinct will then in effect be the Democratic precinct in this year’s Middletown Straw Poll. Outreach to local and state party leaders of the Democratic Party have not achieved meaningful results. This is in stark contrast to the enthusiasm shown by Republicans.

The Middletown Straw Poll and the Connecticut Breast Cancer Association/Foundation would benefit greatly from the participation of a Democratic leader in this event, especially in the area of outreach to the campaigns and anything else you are interested in doing.

In the event of an overflow crowd the Church of the Holy Trinity, also on Main Street, is willing to loan us their chapel. I am not sure with the level of involvement by the local Democrats that without your help there will be a need for this extra space. It is a great opportunity to activate people motivated by the presidential races. I am hoping the Democrats will take full advantage.

What it is:

Representatives of the campaigns on the ballot in Connecticut presidential primary will advocate for their candidates before ballots are collected from the audience. Also in attendance will be special guests and former Middletown Straw Poll champions Congressman Joe Courtney and Mayor Alan Schlesinger, along with members of the print, radio and television media.

Donations will support the CT Breast Cancer Coalition/Foundation. More details, as well as background info on the Straw Poll, can be found at middletownstrawpoll.com. To reiterate, the details are:

Date: Friday, Jan. 25, 2008
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: 330 Main Street