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MoGone [Demolition Update#2]

In this second installment of the Demolition of MoCon Saga, we find McConaughy Hall now reduced to a pile of rubbish.  The metal and glass cylinder that was exclusive to MoCon on campus, is no more.


Meanwhile, The Middletown Press seems to have just realized the issue now that demolition is already underway.  Click here to catch up on some good ol’ townie Wes-hatred in the comments (the article has no new info).

More good pictures after the jump. 

Roth Kills MoCon, Quotes Dylan, Charms All

(THIS JUST IN: Roth announces MoCon’s death sentence on the one day of the year students are too blazed, err, distracted to notice. Sly bastard.)

It was easy to hold out idealistic hope for MoCon’s survival last month when Roth acknowledged widespread alumni concerns by postponing demolition and promising to review options—again—for possible alternative uses of the condemned dining hall.

Alas, it’s not to be. Despite the impassioned pleas of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner ’87 and a billion other very angry alumni (including McConaughy grandson Jim McConaughy ’68), despite the touching Wesleying retrospectives, despite the Argus list of potential MoCon uses (personal favorite: “create a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit”), despite the 1,589 members of a “Save MoCon” Facebook Group, and despite the spontaneous MoCon flash party, Roth has concluded, finally, that Mococalypse Now! is the only viable option:

In order to keep McConaughy as an active part of campus we either have to invent a need that the current structure could meet, or we have to re-build the dining hall as something else in order to “preserve it.” Dividing up its great open space for some specific purpose that is antithetical to its design doesn’t really keep MoCon, nor does replacing all its essential components for use as an outdoor pavillion. And the expense would be staggering… millions over the next few years.