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Guest Post: “Why We Decided to Write ‘Amerikkka’ On an Upside Down Flag”

“Burning and defacing the flag is a critique of what American patriotism and the American flag represent.”


On Friday, hundreds of Wesleyan students took part in a multi-stage demonstration that featured testimonies and chants from perspectives ranging from staunchly anti-State to “final stands” of full blown Trump supporters.

The second stage of the demonstration saw students gathered outside of Olin library and several among the crowd ascending the steps to communicate their response to the election results. During this part of the demonstration, we posted a live Facebook video of Yael Horowitz ’17 and Abby Cunniff ’17 spray painting “Amerikkka” on an upside down American flag. The video now has over 22,000 views and 142 shares. Many comments on the video declare their hatred for Wesleyan students, and several have been explicitly threatening and violent. We are posting the following guest submission so that they protesters can explain their motivations. The following views are the writers’ own.

7X9 Solitary Confinement Demonstration

From Molly Rappaport ’15:

The Wesleyan Center for Prison Education Student Group brings you 7X9: A demonstration to raise awareness around solitary confinement in the U.S. prison system.

Beginning at 4pm on Thursday to 3pm on Friday, individual students will rotate each spending an hour in a 7 by 9 foot tape-demarcated square in the center of Exley. The box measures 7X9 feet referencing the average size of a solitary confinement cell and the demonstration will last 23 hours in recognition of the 22-24 hours inmates in solitary confinement typically spend in their cells per day. The goal of the demonstration is to raise awareness regarding a practice commonly used in our criminal justice system that we believe is absolutely inhumane. Please take notice of the demonstration when passing through Exley–there will be flyers posted throughout the building that further describe the practice and its consequences.

Date: Thursday 11/20-Friday 11/21
Time: 4 pm-3pm the next day
Place: Exley Lobby

“No Strip-Mall. No Wrecking Ball”: Middletown Protests Washington St. Development


It’s pretty much what you thought would happen: once you left Middletown for spring break, things got interesting.  The ongoing saga over the proposed Washington Street commercial development entered a new phase of visibility when community activists, parents, children, professors, and students took to Wash and High St. for an hour yesterday afternoon, cycling around the intersection to present their opposition to the potential development to motorists.

Wesleyan’s institutional involvement in the decision opened with a proposal to move Broad Street Books to the new complex, if built. Though the bookstore plans were quickly canceled due to a chilly reception from the Wes community and Middletown, the administration is still contracted to sell its property in the area to the developer, Centerplan.

Below, see some interviews featuring Jen from Kid City ’88 (hello!) and Maggie Masselli ’16 (hi!), as well as footage of walk-signal coordinated crossings. More information after the jump; comments, corrections, and points of information welcomed.

Demonstration for International Day of Action in the #Occupy Movement – MARCH ROUTE ADDED

All #OccupyWallSt participants in Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) were forcefully and violently evicted from the park in the middle of the night last night. wieb$ covered the incident here or check out this gripping live twitter feed of the event.

In solidarity with the International Day of Action, colleges from all over the nation will hold demonstrations on their campuses.

Meet on Thursday, November 17, at 4:00 PM on the front steps of Olin, even if you are just curious or want to learn more.

“Hey, Batte!” EDIT: Click through the jump for a map of the planned route for the march, which will end in a ceremony on the podium of Obama Hill! Also, facebook.

Peace demonstration in Middletown! Tuesday!

Yo, friends who want to stop the killing. WesPeace has been doing some planning, and now the ball’s in our court:

Peace Demonstration in Middletown, March to Recruitment Office

Tuesday, November 27th at 4 PM

  • Congregate at the Usdan Courtyard after classes, between 4:00 and 4:15
  • We will march down Wyllys, High, Washington, and Main to the Army National Guard Recruitment Office
  • One group will stage a sit-in at the office, pass out a flier detailing a few “top military recruitment lies,” (see below post) and talk to recruiters and passers-by. Others will continue to City Hall to follow-up on the presentation of the Middletown Common Council Resolution Against the War, reading the document aloud in front of City Hall.
  • If you plan to go into the recruitment office, please e-mail acasale@wesleyan.edu to get on the e-mail list for discussion of the plans and tips on civil disobedience. We will also talk before the march.
  • Bring signs & noisemakers and wear bright colors!

The message of our action is: END THE WAR! END THE MILITARIZATION OF YOUTH!

RSVP for the march to wespeace@gmail.com if possible, or just show up!

WesPeace is a coalition of students, faculty and administrators that meets on Wednesdays 12-1 in Usdan 108. To subscribe to the listserv, email “subscribe wespeace” to lyris@lyris.wesleyan.edu, leaving the subject line blank.