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Desperate Measures Parents’ Weekend Improv Show

Whose Line

Boy, does the hilarious and tall Noah Masur ’15 have a show for you:

Come to the Nic Lounge on Friday at 8pm to help Desperate Measures write their first full show of the semester… as it’s being performed! This means that we get to show off our shiny, brand new baby players — Rachel, Billy, and Peter. It also means that you get to cram in to the lounge with your friends and your personal bottle of absinthe and your Pokemon Y, plop down in the front row, and proceed to shout “Miley Cyrus” for every single suggestion we ask for, repeatedly, uninhibited by our attempts to ignore you, until we are all forced to collectively sigh and look at you, at which point one of us must say, “Fine,” and then use your suggestion for some ridiculous scene that causes such great laughter and applause that you continually congratulate yourself everywhere you go for your brilliant and original suggestion, feeling satisfied with your life for many years until the day you come face to face with all of us in the fiery pits of Hell itself to answer for what you did. It’s gonna be fun!

Facebook event here.

Date: Friday, November 1st
Time: 8-9pm
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Split sides

Desperate Measures Improv Auditions

DM Audition Poster 2

Courtesy of Michael Vaughn ’16:

We, Desperate Measures, Wesleyan’s only short form improv comedy troupe invite you to try out!

“They’re funny if you’re drunk.” – NY Times

“It’s K.” – Michael Roth

Date: Monday, September 9
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Usdan Multipurpose Room

Comedy Combo Show

comedy groups

From Taylor Goodstein ’14:

Do you like comedy? Are you maybe thinking about joining a comedy group but you want to know what Wes has to offer? Do you have a free hour and half between the hours of 7:30 and 9 on Friday? Then you should come to the Comedy Combo Show!!

At the show, you’ll see Punchline members perform stand-up in between the improv acts of short-form group Desperate Measures, long-form, free-form group New Teen Force, and long-form, Armando performing Gag Reflex (say that five times fast). Also, catch the sketch comedy of Lunchbox and the a capella sketch combination brought by Vocal Debauchery. If you are interested in doing comedy at Wes, all groups will also be announcing their audition times!

Show starts at 7:30. Buffet starts at never.

Date: Friday, 9/6
Time: 7:30-9pm
Location: Nics Lounge

Desperate Measures Last Improv Show @ Nix Lnge

Michael Vaughan ’16 wins the lottery and gets mentioned in two posts in a row:

We will be seeing off famed former Legolas impersonator, Mark Popinchalk ’13. There may be a a last dance. In which case: Save it. Aight. Peace.

Date: Today, May 8
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Place: Nicolson Lounge
Cost: No.

Comedy Combo Show

Hey. You look like you haven’t laughed in a while. We can fix that:


Everybody is welcome.

Comedy groups include:

  • Desperate Measures (short-form improv)
  • Gag Reflex (long-form improv)
  • Lunchbox (sketch comedy)
  • New Teen Force (long-form improv)
  • Punchline (stand-up comedy)
  • Vocal Debauchery (a cappella + sketch comedy)

Date: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Free

Facebook: Here.

Why Watch the 24-Hour Improv Show When You Could Just Watch Us Type About It?

That’s right, you Oscars-thinkpiece aficionados. Not only has the Desperate Measures 24-hour improv show just started,

24 Hours of IMPROV
Westco Lounge

Desperate Measures

but Wesleying will be very sporadically liveblogging whichever parts of it we end up being there for. Expect (or don’t) brief bursts of commentary from myself, schmoxGabe, and whoever else ends up in the WestCo Lounge between now and 9 PM tomorrow. I really have no idea what the fuck to expect from DM or from myself, really, so click past the jump and see what happens. Why not? Fuck It, Dog; Life’s A Risk. 

Desperate Measures 24 hour show promo

Mark Popinchalk ’13 and the rest of his fellow DM’ers have got your back, and they made a video to prove it: 

DM’s annual 24 hour long show is coming up. Friday at 9PM to Saturday at 9PM in The WestCo Lounge. Which hour will you be there for?

Date: Friday, March 1- Saturday, March 2
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: WestCo Lounge
Cost: nothing. well, caffeine if you want them to be funny in hour 23.

Comedy Combo Show


Dear Ashton:

Make Teddy jealous! Come on out and see the Comedy Combo Show tonight at 8pm in the Nics Lounge, free of charge! It will be a rollicking good time, featuring several comedy groups from around campus:

  • Desperate Measures (short-form improv)
  • Gag Reflex (long-form improv)
  • Lunchbox (sketch comedy)
  • New Teen Force (long-form improv)
  • Punchline (stand-up)
  • Vocal Debauchery (a cappella + sketch comedy)

Date: Tonight, February 1
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Free
Facebook: Link

Desperate Measures Harvest Festival

Ariel Lesnick ’14 invites you to to get some laughs:

After midterms, Hurricane Sandy, and a week-long Halloween, it’s time to take some time to celebrate some pre-Thanksgiving holidays. Come watch Desperate Measures Improv(e) Comedy honor the centuries old tradition of the Harvest Festival! Celebrate with our cornucopia overflowing with laughter!

Walk into the club like, “What up? I got a big crop!”

Click here to check out the Facebook event.

Date: Saturday, November 10
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Free!

Wesleyan Comedy Groups Performing at Not-Wesleyan

Come see Wesleyan Improv groups Gag Reflex and Desperate Measures perform long and short form, respectively, with Middletown Improv group Tick Tick… BOOM! The Sticks Improv. This show will be a lot like the Comedy Combo show at the beginning of the year, so if you liked that, you are sure to love this! What’s more, it’s located somewhere other than Wesleyan’s campus. Get out and explore! For you adventurous folk returning from an extravagant dinner at Typhoon, stop by and get some laughs. We promise you’ll be done by bedtime.

Date: November 2, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: 190 Cross Street
Cost:  $10