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Vinyl + Jewelry at Wes on Monday

Guess who’s back?

Lucky you! Trash American Style is returning to your benighted campus. We will be loaded with the best new + used underground/ overground records, DVDs, CDs, jewelry, bribabrack, and….?

The date is Monday, October 17 (National Boss Day).

We’ll be at Usdan (by the big staircase) from approximately noon – 5 pm. Not only will I be selling stuff, but I’ll be buying and trading so bring all of your unwanted records, tapes, CDs, or whatever! If you have any special requests let me know and I’ll do my best to hook you up.

Date: National Boss Day (Tomorrow, October 17)
Time: 12 pm – 5 pm
Place: Usdan staircase

Santigold to Produce Devo


WTF news of the day: Pitchfork reports today that Santigold—that is, Santi White ’97—has been producing something (what? a song? an album?) by wonderful and bizarre new wave veterans Devo. She tells Paste Magazine:

It was amazing. They’re my band idols. Them and the Smiths. I made them pull out the red hats and pose for a picture.

Devo and the Smiths. Like matter and antimatter. What’s next—MGMT producing Men at Work? This seems like as good an opportunity as any to brag about the coolest dorm poster on campus:


And if, God forbid, you don’t realize how much Devo rules, here’s a good introduction: