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Misunderstanding Minority

From Christian Hosam ’15:

Given the recent racially charged incidents that have occurred on campus and general feelings of discontent with the university’s attitudes toward the Student of Color community, it is more important than ever that we stand together. In and outside of Wesleyan, however, there is a tendency to refer to people of color in exceedingly narrow terms, particularly as African Americans and, to a lesser extent, Latino/a American. But why? Why do Asian-Americans, Native Americans, mixed-raced persons, or anyone who doesn’t fall into the category of Black/Latino often feel as though they are not included in our campus (and societal) conception of Student of Color, particularly when the commonalities that we share are certainly larger than our differences. “Misunderstanding Minority” will explore what keeps us disunited as students of color and how we can come together to utilize our shared experiences to enact effective change.

Date: TONIGHT, November 29
Time: 7pm
Place: Daniel Family Commons
Facebook: Herezzz
RSVP: Hurrrr

Fernando Bermudez and the Innocence Project

No, "Fernando Bermudez and the Innocence Project" will not be playing at Eclectic.

It’s not often we get to hear from a prisoner hirself. At least, for those of us who don’t avidly watch Beyond Scared Straight (an aside: “this approach has been shown to cause short- and long- term harm and actually increases the likelihood of re-offending among some participants,” including one from the original series, who is now a convicted felon, if Wikipedia is to be believed. Oh my.). Even less often do we hear from a prisoner who served time for a crime he didn’t commit (no, I didn’t say team of prisoners).

Tomorrow, at 7pm in the Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor of Usdan), we have just such an opportunity.

Race, Power and the Environment at the DFC

Antwi Akom
Come over to the Daniel Family Commons after dinner tomorrow  to celebrate Black History Month with an incredible lecture by Antwi Akom (all the way from the Bay Area!) entitled “Race, Power and the Environment: Building a Youth-Led Climate Justice Movement in Cities and Schools.”

Akom is a leading expert on the green economy, climate change, and educational equity. His research focuses on the links between race, environmental health, and educational equity in cities and schools; the role of the green economy in facilitating pathways out of poverty for vulnerable populations; and the role of local knowledge in the production of environmental health and educational equity.

Date: Tuesday, February 15th
Time: 7:15 PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons
Cost: nothing