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Thanksgiving Break Dining Hours


HOLY SHIT break is here. I know Thanksgiving Break is a mixed bag for a variety of reasons. We all have different affinities and anxieties about our home-away-from-Wes, whatever and whoever constitutes that home.

But break is here after all. I think many of us can agree that we never thought this break would come. With endless campus turmoil and the living nightmare that is our president-elect and all of the fuckery that surrounds him, I really really just couldn’t wait to have 3 days off from class. For those of you staying on campus, endure the food shortage in the best way possible (GO TO WESHOP BEFORE TOMORROW AT 4), and maybe check out this Thankful Dinner that’s being hosted at Recess House on Thursday. If you’re vegan, please try cooking a Tofucken and let me know how it goes. Anyway, on to what you came here for:

Thanksgiving Break Dining Hours


We say this over every break. Literally every one. If you’re staying here over Thanksgiving (like me), you’re shit outta luck! Bon App is closing up to celebrate Turkey Day, and everything is closed from Wednesday through Saturday. You can hoard food from Weshop (“WesShop”) until tomorrow at 4, and you can’t go back for bougie, overpriced snacks until next Sunday at 4. Usdan and Summies reopen for dinner on Sunday, and regular hours for everything resume on Monday. Swings and Red and Black have similar schedules — closed by the end of lunch tomorrow, reopening next Sunday.

But hey, at least it hasn’t started snowing yet.

Here are a couple charts of which of our glorious dining services will be open and when:

Happy Thanksgiving! …good luck eating on campus

It’s finally Thanksgiving break, and whatever your plans, we hope you have fun and enjoy pretending you don’t have so much homework taking a break! To everyone going home, good luck talking politics with your families and avoiding high school acquaintances at the grocery store! To those staying on campus (like two-thirds of your favorite Wesleying editors!), look before the jump to find out what (limited) resources are available during break.

Homecoming Weekend Events and Dining Hours


How ironic is it that the one day when it’s totally accepted to dust off our Wesleyan apparel and wear our school colors (props to the people who do that normally), it’s Fall Break? It’s a big athletics weekend for Wes vs Amherst. Not only is the football team playing Amherst today, but also the field hockey and men’s and women’s soccer teams (there’s also a volleyball game against Middlebury). That’s fives games during which we can wear our Wesleyan shirts (and kick other NESCAC schools’s butts)!

While it’s weird that homecoming weekend is when many students are off campus, according to Alex Sakhno ’15, who’s on the football team, it’s purely a coincidence. Wes’s homecoming game happens every fifth or seventh week of the year and it just so happens that this year it’s during the fifth week and also Fall Break. He’s still expecting a large crowd, though, since mostly alumni, parents, and Middletown residents come to games. Also, it’s Middletown Day today so lots of family friendly events will be happening concurrently (like a bounce house and face painting) and there will probably be some great dogs and little children around. If you want to watch Wes football play against Amherst, the game starts at 1:30 PM and will be live streamed here. For other Homecoming weekend shenanigans, check out the full schedule of weekend events.

For those of you still on campus, here are the relevant on-campus dining hours for Fall break. Usdan, Weshop, and Red & Black Cafe are your best bets (also Neon Deli, other Middletown spots, and cooking for yourself):

Campus Dining Schedule

Sorry if this post is especially inane, as my brain doesn’t seem to be working very well right now, but this is when dining stuff opens:

Saturday 1/17:

  • Red and Black Café (regular hours)

Sunday 1/18:

  • Usdan Marketplace (dinner only)
  • WesWings (dinner only)
  • WeShop (2pm-6pm only)

Monday 1/19:

  • Usdan Café
  • WeShop (regular hours)
  • Pi Café (9am-6pm only)

Tuesday 1/20:

  • nothing new

Wednesday 1/21:

  • Late Night
  • Summerfields
  • Daniel Family Commons
  • Pi Café (regular hours)

Winter Hours for WesWings, Red&Black Cafe

The kindly people over at Weswings/R&B have sent us their winter break schedules. Also, it turns out you can keep using leftover points from fall semester (if you have any) at Red&Black throughout winter break?? Ridiculous and awesome! (You also can use Middletown cash).

Red & Black Cafe
Through 12/16 – Regular Hours
12/17-12/18: 8am-6pm
12/19: 8am-4pm
12/20-1/5: CLOSED
1/6-1/9: 9am-6pm
1/10-1/11: CLOSED
1/12-1/16: 9am-6pm
1/17: Begin regular hours

Wes Wings
12/17-1/17: CLOSED
1/18: Re-opens for Sunday dinner