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Meals and Points: a Portrait of a Hungry Freshman


I left for Thanksgiving Break with exactly one meal and 23 points to my name. On the car ride home, I made some careful calculations:

Because one bottle of Naked Juice costs roughly three points, I’ll be able to average one Naked Juice every other day for the rest of the semester! And hey, I can even visit Usdan once!

But this isn’t all fun and games. With the arrival of finals, I’m pretty much screwed.

Thus, over Thanksgiving break, instead of wasting my time studying, I decided to formulate a plan to avoid being hungry. After hearing about my friends’ frequent hunger pangs, I thought it was best to publicly document my quest to remain properly fed.

But before I could lay out a plan of attack, I knew I had to address this problem strategically. I quickly hopped on WesAdmits to consult my fellow students about their experiences with year-end hunger.

“I managed to obtain a Bon Appetit uniform and snuck into Usdan one or two times last year,” Anonymous Cardinal ’16 confided to me in a Facebook message. “I felt terrible about it, but I didn’t want to die of starvation.”

WesFRESH Survey

Veggie+TalesBecca Wilton ’15 wants to make sure you don’t pull a “Groundhog Day” with this survey, but would very much like to hear your opinion:


This survey is part of WesFRESH’s ongoing food activism work on campus. Its intention is to give us an understanding of what kind of changes students would like to see in their dining experience so that we can tailor our work to you!

Follow this link to our live form.

Last spring, Wesleyan signed the Real Food Campus Commitment, pledging to improve campus dining and spend at least 20 percent of Wesleyan’s dining budget on “Real Food” by 2020. “Real Food” is defined by the Real Food Challenge as food in one or more of the following categories: local/community-based; ecologically sound; fair for workers; humane for animals.

If you would like to get involved, we’d love to have you! Shoot us an e-mail.

Deadline: February 6th
Contact: rwilton(at)wes

Weshop Now Open, Usdan Open For Dinner

If you’re one of the miserable hermits who answered “I’ve been here working on my thesis since January 2” in our current weekly poll, rejoice: you can stop subsisting entirely on chex mix now. After a long winter rest, Weshop is coming out of hibernation today at 2 p.m. It’ll be back to normal hours tomorrow (though the options may be somewhat erratic for a while).

The Usdan Marketplace also makes its triumphant return tonight, for dinner. Here’s the full dining schedule, via Usdan’s website:

WesGrub: Eating and Drinking Things on Campus

Our first installment! We at Wesleying are here to tell you all about stuffing your faces at Wesleyan as part of our Unofficial Orientation Series 2012. A tradition begun by the Wesleying legends Holly Wood ’08 and Xue Sun ’08, this post has evolved a bit over the years. I’m trying for brevity, so if these details aren’t enough for your Wes-crazed brains, then check out this post from 2011.

Everything after the jump:

Espwesso End-of-Semester Infomashunz

Espwesso was left conspicuously absent from yesterday’s all-campus end-of-semester dining hours email, so here’s some information from Associate Director of Surplus Beans Jacob Eichengreen ’13:

Espwesso is open all week this week for finals! We will be operating 9 pm – 1 am through Thursday night, so come on by to get yoself some free drip (bring your own cup) or other delicious beverage of your choice! As always, we accept points, Middletown Cash, and real cash for donations.

Also, we ordered a bit too much coffee for the end of the year. As a result, we’re offering our surplus beans to everyone at cost so you can enjoy the taste of Espwesso even when we’re not open (i.e. in the morning time, when normal folk drink coffee). We’re asking for a $10 donation per pound, but are more than happy to weigh out any amount of coffee you’d like. Additionally, we’re more than happy to grind it for you if you aren’t lucky enough to have access to your own grinder. Our supplies are limited, so be sure to come in and get yours during normal operating hours as soon as possible.

WesWings Returns

WesWings ReturnsLadies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here.  No, it’s not that your dorm has power again.  WesWings is back.  Although they haven’t explicitly said “dinner tonight” yet, it looks like that’s going to happen.  The WesWings Facebook page has provided a continuous stream of humor since the blackout began, including:

  • “we are now using “CL&P” to replace swear words. Example: That CL&P totally cut me off at the intersection.”
  • “I fear this blackout may last longer than Kim’s marriage. “
  • “We are still hopeful that we get it back overnight so that we might return to the normal rhythms of our food service mission” (compared to President Roth’s “By resuming classes we aim to return to the normal rhythms of our educational mission”)
For more, view their Facebook page.

Dining Hours Today + Volunteering

The WSA has confirmed that Bon Appetit eateries will be open today at the following times:
  • Usdan Marketplace: Brunch 10-2, Dinner Normal
  • Usdan Cafe and Pi Cafe: Open at 11
  • Summerfields: Open for Dinner
  • Weshop: Open at 11:30
  • Late Night: Normal Hours
Much of Middletown remains without power, and if you have time today consider volunteering at the Middletown Shelter at Middletown High School, 200 Larosa Lane. The shelter could use help from Wesleyan students throughout the day.

The Story Behind The Food

Carolina Fojo, a Fellow for the Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation, will host a presentation and discussion on Thursday, October 6th on sustainable food issues.

Her job takes her to different colleges along the East Coast that Bon Appétit serves, where she hosts events to raise awareness about the most pressing food issues affecting both Bon Appétit as a food service company and us as consumers. During these events, the discussion is focused around a few of these issues, ranging from farmworker rights and climate change, to humane treatment of animals, local food, and sustainable fishing practices. In particular, she thought you’d be interested in farmworker rights, as 10% of all slavery in the US takes place in the agricultural industry, and over 90% of agricultural workers are Latino.

Free sustainable hors d’oeuvres will be served!

Hope you can join us…. on Facebook and in person!

Date: Oct. 6
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: Free!