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The Politics of the Shutdown: Discussion with WesDems and Professor Logan Dancey

WesDem superstar Ben Florsheim ’14 wants to inform you:


Join Wesleyan Democrats and Government Professor Logan Dancey for dinner/discussion about the impact of the government shutdown and looming debt ceiling crisis, their significance for the U.S. political system, and their possible electoral implications in the coming years.

We will discuss recent coverage of the situation (to be sent articles in advance, email bflorsheim[at]wesleyan[dot]edu), ask questions, eat pizza, and converse as peers. It’s what college is all about.

Date: Wednesday, October 16
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
Place: PAC 136

Film Screening in ONE HOUR: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Sorry for slackin’ on this, J.O. & M.M.; hopefully we’ll have an awesome time anyway:


WHO: Anyone who wants to eat their dinner while enjoying an inspirational film!

WHAT: A film about the anti-globalization movement of the ’90s highlighting the protest against the World Bank in Seattle 1999. The film will be followed by a discussion relating these protests to the current movement happening around the U.S.
WHEN: Sunday, October 2nd 9th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm

WHERE: Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor Usdan) — Bring your dinner from Usdan upstairs! PAC 002 PAC 002 PAC 002there will be FREE THAI FOOD at the event. Bring your friends!

WHY: To expose political issues and to allow a dialogue between Wesleyan students about how we can best impact our time. We welcome all opinions on the current protests!

Morgan Thorson’s HEAVEN: discussion and performances

The next event in the CFA’s Breaking Ground Dance Series is almost upon us: Morgan Thorson’s HEAVEN goes up this Friday and Saturday at 8 pm in the CFA Theater. In short, the piece is an investigation into religious/spiritual ecstasy using dance, music, lighting and research into religious practices as a means of exploration…but since I have yet to see the work, I’ll stop trying to explain it and leave that to people who have some firsthand experience. Lydia Bell ’07, who saw the performance in New York, is quoted in the most recent entry on the CFA blog,

“I felt like the piece was asking, if we don’t believe in X, what do we believe in? There is a sort of activism in this question that I like–re-framing things in the positive and of course, I felt like Morgan’s answer to this question was clear–everyone can take solace in art-making and being part of a community, which have always been core parts of any religious or spiritual practice.”

Another theme is gender identity. As Thorson says in an interview for the Walker Art Center (who co-commissioned the piece),

I purposely wanted to blend groups of variously gendered people—not to just convey the power of drag (creating your gender the way you want to), but to approach an all new manifestation of gender identity, a roving, third gender. We modeled this idea after angelic shape-shifters, which often play an important role in biblical lore.

Along those lines, the CFA is hosting a dinner conversation with Thorson Wednesday evening at 7 pm in the Daniel Family Commons. The discussion will be facilitated by Claire Potter, Professor of History and American Studies, and will focus specifically on queer and transgender themes in the work.

To summarize what’s going on:

Morgan Thorson’s HEAVEN
Pre-performance talk by Debra Cash on Friday, post-show conversations with the choreographer follow both performances. On Friday night, Nicole Stanton, chair of the Dance Department and Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Assistant Professor of Religion and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, will join the conversation and share their perspectives.
Date: Friday, 1/29 and Saturday, 1/30
Time: 8 pm (pre-performance talk at 7:15 in the CFA Hall on Friday)
Location: CFA Theater
Tickets: $8 for Wesleyan students, $18 Seniors/Wesleyan Faculty & Staff/Non-Wesleyan Students, and $21 general admission.

Dinner discussion of Queer and Transgender themes in HEAVEN
Wednesday, 1/27
Time: 7 pm
Location: Usdan, Daniel Family Commons

Dinner and Discussion on Sexual Violence at Wes

Sent in by Ari Tolman ’10:

The administrators who were involved in putting on this fall’s Anti-Violence Symposium are interested in hearing from students about what Wesleyan needs to do around issues of sexual violence prevention and response on campus.

Come hang out in WOODHEAD LOUNGE on THURSDAY, NOV. 19TH at 6:30 pm for DINNER and a student discussion space. Share your thoughts and needs! Learn about what resources Wesleyan has and what activism has been happening around these issues.

Facebook event here. Invite your friends, this should be a very important discussion for the campus community.

Date: Nov. 19
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge

Clash or Cooperation: Media & InterReligious Interaction

Are religions and religious belief destined to cause conflict and religious violence? What exactly does “Religious Pluralism” mean, anyway?

Bring your dinner and your opinions and join Hafsa Kanjwal and Erin Williams from the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) in a workshop on religion and religious pluralism in the world today. We’ll discuss the different narratives of religion in the media, the movement of religious pluralism we don’t often hear about, and learn a little about what the IFYC (a Chicago-based non-profit that builds mutual respect and pluralism among young people from different religious traditions by empowering them to work together to serve others) does.

When: Wednesday, 1/28 at 6pm
Where: Usdan 110
Bring Dinner!

Hosted by the Interfaith Justice League
Sponsored by the University Chaplains and the Adelphic Educational Fund

Disability rights discussion over dinner

Allegra Stout ’12 writes:

Come to the first meeting of Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights, and share your ideas about disability issues on campus! We’re hoping for a productive discussion about what the group’s goals should be (e.g. awareness, advocacy, education, support, improving services… be creative!) and how we might go about achieving them.

Dinner by Haveli. Email astout@wes with questions.

Date: Today, Nov. 18
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Usdan 108

"Hate: Testing the Boundaries of Free Speech"

Nicholas B. Dirks ’72, Vice President for Arts and Sciences and the Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Columbia University (this guy must not get any sleep) will address the collision between the tenets of free speech and hateful expressions by reflecting on Columbia’s recent visit from Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Eat dinner for free. RSVP with your class year to lbonaldi@wes. It may be too late, since they are looking for a final count by the end of the day on Monday, but what the hell, it’s worth a shot if you’re interested!

Date: Tuesday, April 22
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Location: Daniel Family Commons