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Health Resources on Campus: An Informative Guest Post from Catherine MacLean ’14


BZOD NOTE: A while back, Catherine MacLean ’14 contacted me about including a post about health resources on campus. This was originally posted on the Peer Advisor blog (thanks Peer Advisors!), but we’re posting it again here on Wesleying. As the flu season rolls around and everyone remembers how easy it is to contract every single ailment that everyone in your dorm/apartment/house gets, it’s good to know what your resources are. Catherine also includes helpful sections on mental health and disability services.

Physical Health

On-campus your go-to resource is the Davison Health Center. Staffed with nurses and doctors, you can schedule an appointment (STRONGLY preferred) or walk-in if you have an emergent need during business hours, and they are available by phone after hours. They can do basic tests and offer vaccines, prescriptions, and other services. They also have free cold/flu care packs that you can pick up! All visits and services will be billed directly to private and university-sponsored insurance.  Services that cannot be charged to insurance will go directly to your student account. You should be offered the choice to have laboratory services billed to your student account rather than to insurance (called “client billing” at the Health Center). These student account charges will be labeled to protect confidentiality (i.e. STI tests will be billed to student account as “miscellaneous fee” from the Health Center).