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"EnvironMenstrual" Health Workshop & Period Party!

Because there are healthier (environmentally and bodily!) ways of dealing with your period…

Learn about alternative menstrual products that are easier on you and the environment. Consider that pesticide-laden cotton pads and tampons are being sent by the ton to landfills, while causing serious issues for women and the environment. We’ll be sewing our own cloth pads and talking about other options, from organic cotton disposables to the reusable rubber menstrual cup, which is a one-time waste-free (and more comfortable) menstrual product that lasts up to 10 years! The sewing circle will be a safe space to ask all your questions so you can decide what’s best for you. All sewing materials supplied, and we’ll be raffling off great prizes, including $20 value Diva Cups! Plus, stick around after the workshop for great homemade treats at Earth House’s Love Your Blood period party at 3. Wear red and enjoy red and chocolate-themed treats!

Environmenstrual Health Workshop and Period Party
When: Sunday, March 30th at 1 pm
Where: Earth House, 159 High St.