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AEPi: Rave or Die

From The Brothers of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity:

AEPi is throwing its annual halloween rave. Dress up and prepare to dance your hearts out.

Bring your WesCards.

FREE glowsticks for the first 300 people.

DJ Dubbstep ’14 will be playing some Doombahton (Doomsday Moombahton), and DJ Nephesh ’14 will be playing some face-melting Electro. Peter Cramer ’14 will simultaneously run a live light show–complete with blacklight, lasers, strobes, and more of that tasty shit.

And everybody should donate $3 to Shining Hope For Communities (SHOFCO).

  • DATE: Tomorrow (Saturday, October 29th)
  • TIME: 10pm-2am
  • PLACE: 200 Church

DISCLAIMER: Upon being extensively questioned on the subject of the Rave’s Title, the Brothers would like to announce to the public at large that attendance at this rave is not necessarily guaranteed to save you from death. The Brothers have determined that there is, in fact, more than a 99% chance that you will die at some point throughout your life, regardless of whether or not you attend. But you should attend. Because you’re alive now. And you should celebrate that fact by dancing your ass off at what will be The Hella-Mad-Awesomest RaveFest You Ever Attended.

AEPi + Rho EP Present: Paint It Blacklight, Dance Against Cancer

From the guys and gals who respectively represent Alpha Epsilon Pi and Rho Epsilon Pi:

AEPi and Rho Epsilon Pi are presenting what is sure to be one of the most memorable parties of the year. Bring some clothes to get paint on because we will be giving out fluorescent paint (washable) which will glow in our blacklights.

Donate $2 (or more) to Sharsharet, an organization dedicated to addressing the unique concerns of jewish women fighting against breast cancer, and you will receive a free white t-shirt to get paint on at the door!

DJ Dubbstep 10-12
DJ Nephesh 12-2

  • WHEN?: Thursday, April 14th from 10 pm – 2 am
  • WHERE?: 200 Church
  • MONEY?: Donate $2 now to get a free white t-shirt!
  • NEED MORE INFO?: Click here!