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Spring Fling Interview: Ryan Hemsworth

The Halifax-born producer and DJ on cookies, N*Sync, and what the Internet doesn’t know about him yet

Ryan Hemsworth didn’t write to me through a publicist, he responded to my e-mails punctually, and his grammar is absolutely impeccable.  He’s one cool dude.  I’m not sure any other way to introduce our interview with him, because justice could never be done for this guy:

Kilbourne ’14 Contributes DJ Mix to DIS Magazine

Look closely and there's a wedding going on.

Today in Wesleyan DJ news, or recently I guess, our own Jason Kilbourne ’14, who DJs under the moniker Kilbourne and is playing this awesomely titled event tonight in Bed-Stuy with LE1F and more, has contributed a new mix to DIS Magazine’s disco series (which has featured past mixes from acts like Salem, NGUZUNGUZU, Venus X, Pictureplane, and Teengirl Fantasy).

Kilbourne, who interned at Mad Decent this summer and is a swell person, writes that the mix is about “taking bath salts I guess, specifically at a wedding, musically it’s about the overlap between Philly Club Music and Hardstyle/Hardcore/Jumpstyle/Etc. or NrG music.”

Some more info from Kilbourne, who knows more about dance music genres than you do (or I do), after the jump:

DJ Crook$hanks Emails Me His New Mix JUST IN TIME

A little young to be driving, DON'T YOU THINK SO!?!?!?!?!

Hi kids. How’s that summer treating you? Me too, me too.

Anyway, Wesleyan “in every band” musician and hardworking DJ, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, also known as Crook$hanks has been putting out a mix every month this year, each consisting of songs he’s been rully vibin’ to around the time of the releases.

Today’s the end of July, and some of us feared that Crook$hanks had slipped from his release regiment. Were we supposed to go an entire month without dancin’ and groovin’ to a new $hanks mix? This morning at 1:30 AM, Wesleying’s own Zach texted me with his own concerns: “If you don’t post the Crook$hanks mix today, something really bad is gonna happen.”

Luckily, Mr. $hanks emailed me the new mix and all the info at 9:58 tonight!

DJ Crook$hanks Gets June Mix Up Just In Time

Rounding out the first half of his yearlong (?) monthly mix series, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, aka the Wes DJ Crook$hanks, has just released his latest monthly mix. This one is called “The June Mix” for some reason.

As usual, the mix includes the stuff he’s been feelin’ this past month. As usual, I haven’t heard of almost any of these, but that’s why these mixes exist, right?

But check this out! This month the mix includes two Crook$hanks originals, including the recently dropped “Jackhouse” track, “Swaggerjacked.” So that’s pretty cool.

Play this stuff while you think about vintagey pictures of girls in trunks of cars. That’s what the whole thing is evoking for me. Can’t figure out why.

Stream below and check out the old mixes herehereherehere, and here (that’s six so far!). Tracklisting after the jump.

Crook$hanks’ May Mix Came Out… In May, We Promise

A few days late on this one, but ubiquitous Wes musician and recent pop star Adrien DeFontaine ’13, aka prolific DJ Crook$hanks, has released his latest in a series of monthly mixes consisting of jamz he’s been digging lately. You can bump this all summer while you think about its cool album art with the amusement park at night.

The new one’s got a remix of Usher’s Climax that original producer Diplo worked on, so that’s something!

Stream below and check out the old mixes here, here, here, and here. Tracklisting after the jump.

Crook$hanks is back with another monthly mix

Another month, another mix

Just in time for May, Wesleyan DJ and prolific mix-maker Crook$hanks (Adrien DeFontaine ’13) has finally delivered his April mix of songs he’s been bumpin’ all month long. This time around, we have viral queer rap favorite “Ima Read,” a fantastic remix of my boy Drizzy’s “I’m On One” by $hanks-favorite Unicorn Kid, and a whole bunch of other good stuff for you to check out.

Stream below and click the jump for for the tracklisting. Previous mixes here, here, and here. Thank you $hanks God.

Crook$hanks Drops Latest Monthly Mix


Resident always-super-busy campus musician Adrien DeFontaine ’13 has dropped his latest in a series of monthly DJ mixes under his Crook$hanks moniker. The latest, The March Mix, as always, includes some of the stuff Mr. $hanks has been diggin’ this month, including Unicorn Kid’s “Boys of Paradise,” which he has called one of the happiest songs ever.

Check it out embedded below, check out Crook$hanks’ set Saturday night at WestCo’s Eurotrash rave, and check out his January and February mixes too. Tracklisting after the jump.

Trap Haus

From Don-Christian Jones ’12:

Yup, you right, we don’t have sex anymore.  Well, if we do, it’s for money and that’s our own business.  Come party @ The Trap Haus and dance ‘til the floor collapses.  Gucci Mane on the balcony makin’ it rain.  Jeezy said he might come through.  Polish your timbs, press your polo.  Ladies, get fancy.  Hair done, nails did.  Please get your weave on point!  NO OFF POINT WEAVES ALLOWED.  Mo’ money, mo’ problems but if you got it, why not flaunt it?  We ballin’ in this recession.

Sincerely Yours,


DJ’s include:

Goodhead (Don-Christian Jones ’12 / Charlie Hanna ’12)
J666n (Jason Kilbourne ’14)
Sly1z  (Sam Lyons ’12)
HARRISON SCHAAF (Harrison Schaaf ‘11)

*Doors close at Midnight

*RIP Aaliyah


This Saturday, Psi U, Rho Epsilon, and the MINDS Foundation are teaming up to bring you Ultra Music Festival. The world’s largest electronic and dance music experience is packing up shop in Miami and rolling up to Middletown, for what will be the biggest, sweatiest party of the semester.

2manyDJ’s. Mad Energy. Massive Beats. Positive Vibes.

One Goal: bring all the Bass Heads under one roof.
Music, Food, and Swag throughout the day and night, from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM. Read past the jump for a full DJ list.

Calling all DJs!

Holy crap, this sounds pretty damn awesome. I mean, dance-offs are cool and all… but DJs. They’re as cold as ICE. Anyway:

Compete for the title of campus’s # 1 DJ and the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds at a huge venue!

The Battle of the DJs is coming to Psi U on Saturday, February 26th.  Don’t miss the chance to win the top prize of playing live on the ones and twos at an unforgettable end of the year show.

All vying DJs, apply for a spot in the line-up by sending a 3 minute music sample and set list to wesdjbattle11(at)gmail(dot)com.

Submissions must be made by Tuesday, February 22nd at 5:00 p.m.