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stew/dent for ’em: PUSH: The Politicized Workings of Birth in America

The student forum train just keeps on rolling here at Wesleying. Since this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve felt like you could have a pretty wide-spanning education just on student forums (seriously: look at the master list), isn’t it about time someone hopped on raising the credit limit? Anyway. By the power of Hannah Cressy ’13, I give you FGSS420:

Introducing PUSH: The Politicized Workings of Birth in America (a spring student forum)

Birth is the largest healthcare cost in America, and the reason that most of us have already been hospitalized at least once.  Most of us will either make a baby or watch it happen during the next twenty years, yet most people remain uneducated on this nearly ubiquitous experience until they or their partners become pregnant.  This student forum will provide a space for examination of the history and politics of childbirth in America through a feminist/anthropological lens, with a focus on the medicalization of the birth process and its differing effects on populations according to race, class, location, language, disability, criminality, ethnicity, and sexuality, among other intersectional factors.  The class will meet once per week, and provide 1 credit in FGSS. Many documentaries, discussions, potlucks and field trips await!

Informational meeting: FRIDAY, JANUARY 25th at 4 PM in Espwesso Cafe.

Contact Hannah Cressy ’13 (hcressy@wes) or Kelsey Henry ’15 (khenry@wes) for more information.

Informational Meeting: Friday, January 25th
Time: 4 PM
Place: “Espwesso” “”Café””

Documentary Advocacy World Premiere

What do the prison system, community radio, children’s museums, wheelchair basketball and landscape design have in common?

Yes, they are all words that leave you wanting more. And yes, they are all super cool topics (except for prisons, which are not cool). But most importantly, they are each the star of their very own documentary film!

Come see the fine work created by this year’s Documentary Advocacy class, featuring short (10-15 minute) films on the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, WESU Radio, Kid City Children’s Museum, the Connecticut Spokebenders wheelchair basketball team, and the WildWes student group.

Filmmakers and subjects will be on hand to talk about the films and take questions. All are invited!

Date: Sunday February 12
Time: 7-8 pm
Place: Wesleyan Center for Film Studies

Brick City, from a Wes Alum

Hey, Wesleyan. Haley Sacks ’13 wants you to do yourself a favor and experience something “so fantastic, so brilliant, so mind blowingly gritty that we could only screen it in the 6:30 – 8:30 PM time slot.” Read on for more encouragement to attend this incredible film and discussion with the series’s creator, Marc Levin ’73.

That’s right, instead of extending your Usdan dinner or putting on lotion after your shower, do yourself a favor and head to the Powell Family Cinema to watch a screening of The Sundance Channel’s Peabody Award winning documentary series, “Brick City.”

Forget the red bricks of Olin and focus on the gray bricks of Newark, New Jersey, the largest & most problematic city in the Dirty Jers. Watch in awe as director and creator Marc Levin’s “fly on the wall” documentary style creates an experience comparable to “The Wire” (except this stuff actually happened). Despite the heavy content, the charismatic & passionate group fighting to raise the city out of corruption leaves you feeling hopeful for the future. Plus, you will finally get an answer to the age old question: what would happen if a Blood and a Crip fell in love? The best part? Marc Levin ’73, the show’s creator, will be there to answer all your questions post screening. Do not miss this opportunity!

  • Date: Tuesday, April 26th (Tomorrow!)
  • Time: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Powell Family Cinema