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Film Series: Dope

2015. USA. Dir: Rick Famuyiwa. With Shameik Moore, A$AP Rocky. 115 min.


After three geeky high schoolers from Inglewood get caught in the crossfire of a busted-up drug deal, they find themselves with a backpack full of dope and no way to get rid of it – except to sell. Famuyiwa asserts his directorial voice in full neon in this delightfully stylized coming-of-age story. The film will be followed by a post-screening discussion facilitated by The Ankh.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

P-Safe: “Pictures Are a Way of Identifying People”

This past Friday, we posted coverage of P-Safe officers displaying a newfound interest in photography as an—ahem—relaxed crowd of students spent 4/20 on Foss. The post garnered a number of speculative comments. P-Safe can’t actually use the footage, assured a few hasty replies:

From my WSA days, I learned PSAFE uses the cameras as a deterrent. They CANNOT use the footage in SJB hearings as evidence against you. They do it to freak you out but it has no judicial weight.

Not so, suggests a brief story on the front page of today’s Argus. Glance at the fine print below Andy Ribner ’14’s fantastic photo and recoil: there’s a rather explicit heads-up from your friendly neighborhood P-Safe director Dave Meyer:

Director of PSafe Dave Meyer said that PSafe will use the footage to identify students engaging in drug use and send them to the Student Judicial Board.