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surprisingly scrumptious s(PI)ked spirits


Picture this: it’s Saturday night, you’re putting on your makeup and your cute little corset top (or not— maybe it’s a jersey and some ripped jeans)…and you’re staring at your High Noon because you know you have to drink it but also the mere smell of a High Noon brings back extremely cursed memories. You could go out to a bar, sure, but let’s be real: the fancy ones don’t take your fake IDs. But boy do I have an alternative for you, and it’s right next to your doorstep (unless you live on Pearl Street, in which case I extend my sincerest apologies): pi cafe

That’s right! Today I’ve got a list of brand-spanking-new PI cocktails for your viewing (and consuming) pleasure. So without further ado, here’s how to upgrade your Saturday night: 


Cocktails at The Cardinals’ Nest

On Saturday from 7-10pm bartender extraordinaire and cocktail connoisseur Will Schragis ’12 will be making classic and contemporary cocktails at The Cardinals’ Nest. Will’s skillz are not just practical but extend to the intellectual – not only has he worked at frat formals, birthday and holiday parties and several bars and restaurants, he is also writing his thesis on cocktail culture! He will be demo-ing some very old fashioned drinks and there will be a special menu as well!

What: Cocktails at The Cardinals’ Nest!
When: Sat, Dec 11, 7-10pm
Where: The Cardinal’s Nest, 129 Church St.
Cost: Depends!