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Spring Flingers: An Announcement for an Announcement

Will “Waka Flocka” Feinstein ’13 and the rest of Spring Fling Committee have taken to YouTube with a cryptic message of sorts. Hold your horses—this isn’t the lineup announcement. It’s an announcement for an announcement, which is sort of like that time Will sent me a Facebook message to tell me he’d sent me an email (yesterday). Anyway, judging by the preview it looks like we got Avicii, so get psyched for public defecation.

Just kidding. The announcement itself is coming soon. In the meantime, apply to play at Battle of the Bands.

New Year, New You.

So, in the ever popular fashion of pretending we’re all going to start this semester off right–you know, read and annotate every reading; study in advance for tests; get involved in extracurriculars; hit the gym at least a few times a week; etc.–I thought I’d share a few websites that kept last semester great for me and will make this semester even better. Call them great procrastination tools. Call them a way to keep up on your pompous Pitchfork pals. Call them whatever you want. But, they deserve your attention, just like this attention-grabbing, yet entirely unrelated picture because now that the Coachella lineup is up, I can’t wait for Bonnaroo’s lineup to be announced.

Dubstep A Capella: It’s Happening

Fact: I’m not into dubstep at all, and a cappella groups frequently make me nauseous, but somehow the combination of the two is weirdly awesome:

I have no idea who the kids in that video are, but I’m still pretty pumped, because Tennessee Mowrey ’14 is putting together a dubstep a cappella group at Wes. If you’re interested in wub-wub-wubbing with him, email tmowrey(at)wes by Wednesday the 27th to set up an audition time.

Note: There will probably never be another opportunity in your life to join a dubstep a cappella group. Choose wisely.