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Duke Day 2015

duke_day_posterwesFrom the West College Dormitory:

Oh yes, baby, it’s that time of year.

THIS SATURDAY is DUKE DAY. Formerly known briefly as the 8th Day of the Week (it was dark times, Harry, dark times), Duke Day is West College Dormitory’s annual fall music and arts festival, that’s been going on since like the late 70’s or something.

music + art (painting!) + ball pit + balloons in the café + general coolness

Duke Day 2013

Come down to the WestCo Cafe and Lounge this Saturday for music, art, bubbles, VISUALS, clay building, blanket forts, and other neat and lovely activities! Brooklyn band Stone Cold Fox will be headlining the festival! Check out some of their music here. Bands will start playing in the cafe at 2pm. Facebook.

The following student bands will be performing as well:

Featherwood Bee
Klaatu Nikto
South Station
Robert’s Don

A pinata will burst at precisely 4PM.

Date: Saturday, Nov 9
Time: 2PM to 7PM
Place: WestCo Cafe and Lounge

Duke Day

Duke Day

From Sam Beck ’17:

The good people of WestCo present: Duke Day! A fun day filled with music, celebration, lounging, and overall good vibes. Stone Cold Fox will be performing (they’re pretty dope check ’em out) and we are on the hunt for students band who want to play (If you or someone you know is interested email me!!!). The day promises to be a good one.

Date: Saturday, November 9th, 2013
Time: 1 AM – 1 Am
Place: WestCo Cafe + Lounge
Cost: FREE!!!

Photos: Duke Day Comes to WestCo

Despite its postponement of a week, Duke Day, the psychedelic music festival also known as 8th Day of the Week, came to WestCo on Saturday. In addition to the scheduled acts, there was a surprise performance by Willie Zabar ’16 and his omnichord.

If you couldn’t make it out , take a look at these photos from the first bit of the festival, and maybe you too can experience the psychedelic vibe that is Duke Day at Wes

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