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Wes Freegan is a Cosmogirl

We posted briefly last week about Jean Pockrus ’08 being featured as a Freegan activist in CosmoGIRL magazine’s September 2008 issue. Here’s Pockrus’s account of the experience and a discussion of her involvement in Freeganism on College OTR:

Naturally, all the friends I’ve shown the magazine to have cracked up laughing. A word to those who don’t know me: I’d probably be voted “Least Likely to Be in CosmoGIRL!” — if such a designation existed in high school year books. (And for another thing, I don’t even identify anywhere close to whatever a CosmoGIRL is supposed to be! I’m gender-queer and probably one of the queerest looking people they’ve ever had in the magazine.) But, despite laughing along with my friends, I have to say that I hope that the CosmoGIRL! piece does more than amuse. I hope that it exposes a generation of young consumers to Freeganism. I look forward to seeing more people, from fifteen-year-old CosmoGIRLs to young activists to suburban kids looking for fun, reclaiming trash from the curbside, the dumpster, and the local dump.

I personally think that dumpster divers are excavating the future in our society. We’re seeing the effects of runaway consumption and a crisis of overproduction first-hand. It’s a fascinating movement, Freeganism, and worth checking out if you’re interested in environmental activism, anti-consumerism, alternative economics, and all kinds of other yummy foods-for-thought. For many activists in on this end of the spectrum, it seems that becoming a practicing Freegan is the next step towards realizing their political, social, and environmental views.

Cool stuff. Check out the rest in the link below.

CollegeOTR: Freegans Invade CosmoGIRL! Magazine

Love PODS?

The New York Times today ran a piece about NYC freegans descending upon NYU’s dumpsters on move-out day. Author Steven Kurutz explains, “Freegans are scavengers of the developed world, living off consumer waste in an effort to minimize their support of corporations and their impact on the planet, and to distance themselves from what they see as out-of-control consumerism.”

The article gives some tips if you’re interested in delving into the culture (particularly if you live in the NYC area) and explains some more general points of the movement’s ideology.

Now, if only the whole planet had PODS…

Speaking of throwing stuff away

To give you an idea of how much crap people bring to Wesleyan that they don’t need, last year, Wesleyan sponsored a recycling program by putting out large storage bins in front of the dorms during move-out week. Apparently, the sheer amount of crap was just getting out of hand.

Here’s a picture of Xue scavenging through the wreckage:

Keep in mind that there were 10 of these pods around campus. Pack accordingly.

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