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Photos: Underground Seattle Grunge Trio Takes Eclectic By Storm

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and nothing spells romance like Kurt and Courtney, amirightoramiwrong?

Last year’s much-heralded Weezer cover band is on indefinite hiatus for the time being (inside scoop: they tried to take on Pinkerton, had an emotional breakdown, went into seclusion, and enrolled at Harvard), and I haven’t heard much from The Strokes in a while, but ’90s nostalgia freaks need not fear: the unholy trinity that is Blink-182 (Dink 583, if you’re keeping score), Misfits, and Nirvana took the stage at Eclectic last Friday night and ripped off Pixies like it’s 1991. Seriously: they played about half of Nevermind, and that one song about chopping up eyebrows or whatever. It was rad.

I grabbed a few photos from Nirvana’s spirited set; they appear below. If you got photos from any of the others, send them to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Click on for a brief video clip of “Debaser” as well. 

Dustin Wong with Rod Hamilton @ Eclectic

Following the dissolution of the much-lauded Wham City band Ponytail, Dustin Wong went on to create some of his best work as a solo artist, artfully looping his guitar through a dense chain of effects and processors, creating incredibly complex, rhythmic and melodic tracks that melt in and out of one another nearly seamlessly. His latest double album, Infinite Love, is fucking brilliant, and he will be performing a great deal of it for us live in the Eclectic dining room.

Opening will be Rod Hamilton, another Baltimore native making waves with his own brand of loop-based tracks that showcase a similar mastery of rhythm and melody, creating massive, atmospheric tracks all by his lonesome.

  • Date: Saturday, February 4 (tonight!)
  • Time:  9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Place:  Eclectic
  • Cost:  Free!

Y’all Get Back Now: The 2012 Wellesleying Concert Preview

“Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute—wait a, wait a, wait a minute. Wait—wait a minute.”

“If you book it, they will come.” Tommy Lee Costner delivered that iconic line in 1989’s Field of Wolves, and it has never rung more true: Wesleyan’s upcoming bootypoppin’ concert lineup has got the back to make the beat go boom.

Seriously, though: while you were catching some sun in Bermuda over break (or Bergen County, as the case may be), a small army of chimpanzees committed Wesleyan concert-bookers was working day and night to put together a spring concert calendar fit to set a New Orleans-based sissy-bounce queen on fire. (And fresh off a semester whose warmest pleasures included Wye Oak and Dodos, Wild Flag and Balam Acab, Julianna Barwick and The Generationals, it probably says something that this schedule is arguably better.) If you missed Ty Segall or AraabMuzik, rest assured: that was the prologue. The insanity continues tonight, with Dustin Wong’s loop-driven guitar hypnosis at Eclectic Hauuuuus.

In conjunction with Aural Wes’s own concert preview, here’s a glance at everything you’re gonna miss while you’re abroad. It’s certainly not comprehensive—this only really covers the next month or so, and particularly excludes usual-suspect Wesleyan performers—but is pure, uncut bouncalicious. Cuz, like, uptown is trying to shake, nahmean?