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All Diversity/Identity Groups Priorities Meeting


From Dwight Greene Intern Kate “Salty” Cullen ’16:

Are you involved in any sort of diversity or identity group on campus? Then yes, this event is for you. It feels like we have the same goals but just don’t talk to each other, huh? Seems that if we came together to coordinate our efforts on campus we could do better work, right?

Join your fellow activists in a dialogue to identify shared goals and determine ways to collaborate throughout the year.

This event is going to be big. Delicious dessert will be served and brilliant brainstorming will happen. Don’t be the one stakeholder group on campus that misses out.  Fill out this quick Google Form right now to sign up.

Brought to you by Kate Cullen ’16, Dwight Greene Intern for Diversity and Community Engagement. Inquire at saltemuscull(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with questions.

Date: Tuesday, November 19th
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Place: DFC
Form: Fill it out HERE!

Dwight Greene Intern Office Hours

Christian Hosam ’15 wants to know if you’re “interested in talking about diversity and/or social justice, either personally or socially.”  Christian is the Dwight Greene Intern for Community Engagement and Discussion, through the Office of Diversity and Student Engagement.  Christian is also, as of today, Chair of the WSA’s new Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (CID).

You can also email him at chosam(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26
Time: 4:30-6PM
Place: 200 Church