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Teaching evaluations, whoo!

Teaching evaluations are now online and can be submitted from now through 11:59 PM next Wednesday (Dec. 10). The link is at the top of your e-Portfolio and is also the last link under the “Wesleyan Career” header. If you don’t submit evaluations for all of your classes, you will be unable to see your fall grades until January 21 (the first day of the spring semester). Professors will not be able to see their evaluations until they submit final grades.

Questions? Contact Eloise Glick (eglick@wes; x2708).

Pirating is bad, mm’kay?

Remember the intellectual property notice you had to click in your e-Portfolio freshman year? It’s back. From an all-campus e-mail:

As of September 24th, a change will have been made to your EPortfolio. When you log in you will see (or may have already seen) a statement regarding Intellectual Property which you are asked to read and then indicate your acceptance. We are asking you to do this as part of a larger campaign to create awareness of intellectual property and copyright laws in general, and of the specific legal restrictions that apply to music and video that is not in the public domain.

As part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), which was passed by Congress in August, universities need to remind students annually that illegal file-sharing is punishable by law. They must also certify to the Secretary of Education that they have developed plans to “effectively combat” illegal file-sharing (primarily bandwidth shaping and/or network usage metering) and are required to provide alternatives to illegal file-sharing “to the extent practicable.”

For more information about the HEOA, see Ravi’s blog. Wes has also set up a new Intellectual Property site.

E-Portfolio Down

I and several other people I’ve talked to are unable to access their e-portfolios, so if you can’t, you’re not alone. Hopefully this’ll be remedied as soon as possible so we can get back to drop/add.

I’ve sent an e-mail over to helpdesk asking for more information, and I’ll post it when I receive it.

Earlier this morning, we were experiencing problems with some web-related technologies, notably ePortfolio. Currently, ePortfolio should be working for all users. However, webmail and access to Wesleyan’s mail servers is currently down. ITS is working on a fix. [Justin, 2:25 PM]

Access to Wesleyan mail has been restored. There are intermittent problems with Cisco Clean Access, so your access to the Internet and other network services may be malfunctioning at the moment. For more information, see ITS System Announcements. [Justin, 5:12 PM]

You’ve got to fight / For your right

Not sure whether or not this is related to the (shelved?) 25-person party policy, but a “Party Hosting Liability” link has been added to the e-Portfolio under “Student Life at Wesleyan.” It leads to a page containing four points concerning host liability:

  • “According to Connecticut state law, you may be held liable for the actions of individuals [to] whom you have served alcohol.”
  • “You should never serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.”
  • “You should never serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated.”
  • “You should contact Public Safety for assistance if an individual becomes intoxicated, or if you are concerned about their [sic] safety.”

The page also asks a user to click a “Submit” button at the bottom certifying that (s)he has read the four points and is aware that (s)he “face[s] potential criminal, civil & institutional sanctions” for violation.

It seems like this would be something that’s covered during the pre-GRS Community Standards Workshops (which are mandatory if your group wants to choose a woodframe); any current or past woodframe residents who paid attention, please tell!

Next year’s "Meal Plan Selection" options?

Ben Cohen ’10 tips in that if you check your E-Portfolio, there’s a link to a “Meal Plan Selection” option. The choices seem to be:

  • Block 105 Meals / 675 Points
  • block 135 Meals / 475 Points
  • Block 165 Meals / 275 Points
  • Block 210 Meals / 100 Points
  • Block 285 Meals / 50 Points
  • All Declining Balance Plan – 0 Meals /1478 Points

Note that there’s an additional fee for selecting the 285 Meal plan.
No word yet on whether this is officially what’s going to be happening in the fall or just a bug in our portfolios.

Cohen also points out:

For the sake of comparison, Aramark’s block meal plan was 165 meals/165 points (110 fewer than BA’s 165-meal plan), which I believe amounted to about 11 meals a IIRC (I usually ate at Davenport 3 times a week, and I didn’t run out of meals). I figured this could be useful…