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East Asian Studies Program Dinner and Discussion

From Michael Yu ’11:

Dinner at the Freeman East Asian Studies Center (at the end of Mt. Vernon St., the street that Wyllys Ave. turns into.  It’s the building with the 2 lions out front and the japanese garden in back) for anyone who wants to be an East Asian Studies major, is an East Asian Studies Major, or just wants to talk about East Asia.  Food will be provided and some professors will be there to make things more interesting.  Not a lecture, more of an informal hanging out, dinner, discussion, hanging out event.

Date:   Nov. 19 – Nov. 19
Time:   5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place:  Freeman East Asian Studies Center

James Scott on Anarchism and Modernity

Modern societies can’t function without states, right?

…Or can they?

The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia

From Daniel Schniedewind ’11:

James Scott, Professor of Anthropology and Political Science and Director of the Agrarian Studies Program at Yale, will be discussing Zomia, a rugged “transnational Appalachia” which stretches from Vietnamese highlands to the Tibetan plateau. Scott argues that Zomia embodies the largest region remaining in the world today whose peoples have not been fully incorporated into nation states. This, according to his provocative and persuasive argument, is the result of conscious efforts to resist projects of valley-based state formation over many centuries.

This talk will be a powerful exploration of everyday resistance and self-governance with profound implications for our understanding of our own modernity.

East Asian Studies Open House

Interested in East Asian Studies at Wes? Or just really want some free Chinese buffet? Either way, this is probably of interest:

East Asian Studies open house is tonight. Meet the professors, find out what this major is all about. Get involved in our Outreach Program, or the student publication, Resonance. Learn about the lecture series. Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere. Enjoy the Japanese garden and tatami room. Check out the art gallery. You will thoroughly enjoy this unique space on campus. Chinese food  buffet will be served.

  • Date: September 16 (today)
  • Time: 4:30 PM
  • Place: Mansfield Freeman Study for East Asian Studies
  • Cost: On us, bro.

Buddhist Artwork exhibit at East Asian Studies Center

buddhist_qb17593Check out the Buddhist art exhibit, on display for most of this semester at the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies (that really nice house with the Zen garden on the corner of Washington Terrace and Wyllys Avenue). From Abby Blake ’10:

Enlightening Images: Buddhist Art Work

Buddhism has been a rich inspiration for artists, and Buddhist art in turn has helped believers to understand and practice their religion better. This exhibition brings together a set of Japanese temple woodcuts, Tibetan prints and contemporary photographs all of which explore the involving, ancient iconographic traditions of East Asian Buddhism.

The center is open daily 12-4pm and closed Mondays. It will be closed October 24-27 and November 23-30.

Date: Oct. 12 – Dec. 3
Time: 12-4 PM, every day but Monday
Place: Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies

Here’s Professor Bill Johnston talking about the exhibit:

Immigration Activist Documentary Sneak Peek


Directors and activists Eric Byler ’94 and Annabel Park are coming to present a sneak peak at the micro-budget documentary that insiders in Washington expect to be the “Inconvenient Truth” of America’s immigration debate. Based on the innovative YouTube channel: 9500Liberty.

An unofficial Wesfest event sponsored by the April Planning Committee & East Asian Studies Department.


Date: Saturday, April 18
Time: 3 pm
Place: PAC 001

More info from the Washington Post after the jump: