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Rise and shine, Boon Tan’s outside your window!

Boon Tan decided to pay the campus a visit overnight… or, at least, his crudely constructed, laying-on-the-Butts-lawn self decided to pay a visit. We got an email this morning from “Boon Tan”:

Dear Wesleying,

I got news your readers were a fan of me, so I hopped a flight back to Wesleyan and am chilling in the Butthole. Come visit. You’ll see I haven’t changed much.

Peace Bitches

FYI: Boon Tan apparently has a Kodak CX6330 digital camera, and an email address whose domain is registered in Azerbaijan.

Give Butt B Back the World

Some jerk stole the large framed “What’s Up? South!” map off the wall outside the offices by the Butterfield B bridge over the weekend. What would a klepto-vandal even do with this thing? It’s been up there for years doing the humble service of reorienting the spatial perception of passersby, and now it’s going to be stuck in someone’s bedroom?

Apparently the map is also part of an important tradition for international students in which each new student puts a sticker indicating where they’re from on the map during orientation, and the last time I saw it the map was riddled with them.

If you’ve got any info about its whereabouts, email the Butterfields Area Coordinator at smbrown@wesleyan.edu (especially if you live in Butt B, since you might end up getting billed for its replacement if it’s not found).

East College: just barely to the east?

Sheek’s investigative blogging has raised some interesting questions among the 20+ comments we’ve received so far. Among them: is East College really east of the other colleges? My cursory look at Google Maps suggests that it’s only slightly so:
If you instead consider the directions as relative to the original buildings (North and South College), and use their positions as the North-South axis, I’d say that East College is cut pretty much down the middle, making it “West/East College”.

But then again, maybe the intent was just to have North-South, and East-West, relations. In that sense, East College is perfectly named in opposition to West College.

Butt B is EastCo

Earlier this year a taped sign in the Butterfield B courtyard that used to read “HPPI” (for the Health Professions Partnership Initiative office located on the 1st floor) was torn down to reveal a more prominent sign (above) reading “East College“, causing reactions ranging from apathy to mild curiosity among residents who thought they were living in a fairly unremarkable dorm on a far side of campus… until now!

You knew about WestCo, and North College, and maybe even South College, but EastCo? Why the (literal) cover-up? Why expose it now? Could Butt B have been intended at some point to be an eastern counterpart to that more prominent dorm in the West? Is this some kind of passive-aggressive attempt at re-branding by ResLife?

In that case, what’s next for this latently cardinally-directed building? A personality? A cohesive sense of community? More noise? I can’t be the only mildly curious to hear answers.