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Second Stage Presents: Rumors by Neil Simon

rumorsLooking for something to make you laugh this weekend. Come see Rumors, a hilarious dinner party farce!

**TO RESERVE TICKETS: https://2stagerumors.eventbrite.com/

Rumors is a side splitting comedy characterized by its slamming doors, hilarious characters and farcical mishaps. On the evening of Charlie and Myra Brock’s anniversary party everything goes wrong. The first guests arrive to find that there is no staff on the premises, the food is sitting in the kitchen uncooked, Myra is missing and Charlie has shot himself in the head. As the evening progresses guests arrive and they work together to figure out what has happened and above all, to avoid a scandal. On top of all this, the dinner guest are distracted by comical injuries, crippling marriages and tantalizing rumors…

Second Stage Presents – Rumors by Neil Simon
April, 7th & 8th at 8pm and 9th at 2pm

Directed by Tekla Monson, with:

No Future Islands, No Past: Scenes From “The Last Big One”

To the guy who wanted to see pictures: keep scrolling.

As promised, Thursday night’s joint billing at Eclectic—Cleveland noise-pop up-and-comers Cloud Nothings, North Carolina synthpop trio Future Islands—was “the last big one” of the year, for real-real. Between the visceral, fully charged assault of the former and synth-driven swirl of the latter, it was also one of the best.

First up, little-known Baltimore weirdos Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. I only caught the last fifteen minutes or so of this set, but if the band title sounds like something from a serial killer movie, the duo looks the part, too. There was a gratuitous amount of screaming, noise, and bashing around on tom-toms—I was quite pleased with what I caught.

Not as pleased as I was when Dylan Baldi and friends (“Cloud Nothings,” for all you hipsters) bashed through the entirety of 2012’s Attack on Memory with furious precision, nailing not only the caustic hooks, but the measured instrumental buildups (A-Batte: “I didn’t think they’d do the instrumental part on ‘Wasted Days’—but they did!”) and inimitable Steve Albini drum sound, too. Empirically: one of the best sets I’ve seen at Wes all year; I screamed my lungs out during “No Future/No Past,” and if you did, too, thanks. Here’s “No Sentiment.”

Lower Dens / Treasure Island @ Eclectic

Still not sure how to deal with that mad awk block of time between The Princess Bride and Haters in the Building? Enjoyed DIVE’s set last weekend in Eclectic’s dining room, but wish there was a touch more gated reverb involved? Or does it just seem like freaking forever since Treasure Island’s maddeningly infectious “TV & Poetry” was stuck like nutella in your head?

As we’ve previously reported round these parts, Baltimore-based indie-mopers Lower Dens are rolling through Eclectic tonight after a spirited opening set by acclaimed Post-Linus sweethearts Treasure Island. Dens’ upcoming offering is a double-LP called Nootropics, and, if “Brains” is any indication, it’s going to be a wonderfully shoegazy, mopey, noise-infested affair. Hannah Baker ’14 offers up more details for tonight’s show:

Lower Dens’ first album, Twin Hand Movement, was arguably one of the best sleeper hits of 2010. Their newest single, “Brains,” was given Best New Music by Pitchfork and their highly anticipated new album, Nootropics, is dropping later this spring on Ribbon Music (the Domino Records-affiliated label that’s released material from John Maus, Laura Marling, and Black Dice). To watch the awesome new video for “Brains,” click here.

Photos: Underground Seattle Grunge Trio Takes Eclectic By Storm

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and nothing spells romance like Kurt and Courtney, amirightoramiwrong?

Last year’s much-heralded Weezer cover band is on indefinite hiatus for the time being (inside scoop: they tried to take on Pinkerton, had an emotional breakdown, went into seclusion, and enrolled at Harvard), and I haven’t heard much from The Strokes in a while, but ’90s nostalgia freaks need not fear: the unholy trinity that is Blink-182 (Dink 583, if you’re keeping score), Misfits, and Nirvana took the stage at Eclectic last Friday night and ripped off Pixies like it’s 1991. Seriously: they played about half of Nevermind, and that one song about chopping up eyebrows or whatever. It was rad.

I grabbed a few photos from Nirvana’s spirited set; they appear below. If you got photos from any of the others, send them to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Click on for a brief video clip of “Debaser” as well. 

Soul Train feat. Victor Vazquez of Das Racist

From Eclectic:

In honor of Black History Month, Eclectic presents Soul Train on Friday, February 17th. Come celebrate the longest running television program in history. Bust out your bell bottoms, tube tops, and dancing shoes, and get down on the Soul Train Line. Special guest performances will be provided by Victor Vazquez ’06 (Kool A.D.) of Das Racist with Lakutis and Kassa Overall. Check out Kool A.D.’s recent mixtape, Palm Wine Drinkard, here.

There will be a photo booth. There will be a love lounge. There will be dancing with disco balls on deck. Hosted by Don “Cornelius” Jones.

Tickets available online here. Due to occupancy restrictions, tickets WILL sell out.

Date: Friday, February 17
Time: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM
Place: Eclectic
Cost: $8.50
Facebook: Link